Thursday, December 6, 2012

Slanting Shade


Myself revisiting the inner zone. Space beyond or rather beneath the veil. Slanting myself in the disco bar. And I hear loud laughter at the corner, my baby spills the drink on her blonde shiny hair. What a weird day again come to an end to a surround sound night, Everyone amaze. Every thing so intangible, what has become of the mood. Dancing revelling at the end of days, such such tender fate; I surmise, and its time now; to leave. Hand in hand, together we walk so much in bubbling playfull ness. What a weird day

The supine pose, the mood so alluring. Where there is the holy self regaining its own equanimity. Slanting shades of violet. The maze inside your head; budding spaces where dark matter seeps inside. What is to be of you my darling, What is left of me is not I. What is happening; inside our hearts – no one can speak. The chanting and the howling of pain. Release us, we cry. Release us from shades not absolute anymore

Calamity after calamity, days shine down on our broken lives, where my darling in the darkened haze, looks upon the windowpane, seeing nothing but broken dreams, which cannot be undone. Which cannot bring back love again, and soon again. Its time to leave what was never undone. Birth death and the cycle of never ending ness.

Show one final sight of a sunset together, then we have seen to finally separate; tears the only boundary we share. Love for the beloved we both forsake. Now is the only time, Now is time to change your steps. lead it may you be sure, for once the consequences take birth. Death is inevitable.

Such slanting shades of grey, they remain obscene in being hidden away, where are you laughing from, from where pray come your tears? Where is my ending in you; and why did you blow the candle out of our little heaven of togetherness; all those doomed night and days?

Something's just remain as they were. Fated and cursed, reprieved and blessed. What are we to speak in for these slanted shades.


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