Saturday, December 8, 2012

Destruction Of Evil


Why is there a perennial and continuous struggle to see two sides of the same situation, even if there exists more than one shade; angle to a person, experience or moment. Why do we need to continuously segregate rather than unify the power?

Our forefathers and their wise texts, speaking of complex yantras and musical vibrations. They see the multiverse which our science had to rediscover and yet most texts harp on the continuous eradication of a particular mood/emotion/action termed to be evil, ignorant?

So its inculcated in each one of us through the passage of time, with the living teaching the new born about morals and ethics, about good and things which are to be good; patience and deliverance; hope and faith, and such.

And evil exists in many forms, in many moments and experiences of our lives – those which are not acceptable by society are generally termed this, but each one of us also has a a particular un-acceptance to what we deep we never should be, never should do. Some have this feeling more than others, some not so much?

To remove one can never happen; cause the other ceases to be as well. Without the presence of evil there is no such imagination of a good which we choose or are made/conditioned/brain washed to choose. This can and has been exploited by our religion, politics, media, educational systems, law and order processes and everything else in our lives. We are to good in this world – and the ways and paths have already been defined.

Somethings are not so easily described; Every single action/emotion/mood can be termed to be good and bad depending on a situation – stuff like evolution, survival of the fittest, “The greatest good for the greatest race/sex/civilization what not”

<<My head is devoid of garbage which has been so radically been growing since birth of what I am, What i ought to desire and choose, How I should live, How I should behave>>

But this is all in relative to the ethos of good and evil. This duality like male-fenale, lover-beloved is deep ingrained in the DNA. Now I know of mother goddess traditions and she always slays the evil. She always removes the ignorance of mind. In fact thats why she cuts off the head itself, the trouble making device which creates duality in the first place.

So removing the ignorance is not the way we think – by creating separations and limiting what we think is bad, it is in fact by doing and behaving in the exact opposite manner – when we deeply understand and accept each situation and evil in us, that we know its true potency, its true reaping and with time the stuff we did not want may be what we desire or maybe what we have become? Every action has the consequence, each “productive” and maybe “destructive” What suits you is deemed to be good? What suits another is deemed evil? Has it not happened such with countries, faiths, lives so many and love lost time over

The destruction of evil, or the concept is what our ancient texts talked upon. All religious and psychoactive people of the past knew that to become unified to our potential we must destroy these notions. And know; infact be; every single action mood and emotion. To be the entire rainbow and know that every thing remains to be evil and good. And nothing needs to be labelled. What is poison one day turns to water the next turns to soma another day in its making!

Destroy your evil as i do, by accepting it and resolving it by leaving it to itself. Destroy your good by destroying your evil. The concepts of course!



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