Saturday, December 22, 2012



Under the ever expanding branches of the bodhi tree. It sits awakened just like this resplendent tree. The branches from the heart opening and healing whatever is the cause of strife. There is no one else but yourself you are pounding, it speaks in silent tones. Some speak about it as a master, of one who knows what is going on, just like this spread out, spaced out tree giving shade for free.

Amidst the silent valley, inside the tunnels of the breathing heart (guess it breathes just like this valley), I have spent infinity; looking at such grandeur and I refuse to believe, that I be not a part of this wonder as a mistake. As if I witnessing was the entire set up like plato and so many have said. The silent valley like myself is hunted down; extinction count started. Colors of the heart never ever would be felt. Never ever be expressed. What is the use of this strife, if the silent valley goes away

On the olden rocks of India, sitting for millennia together, where there may be no other place to peace. In the darkness, in the heat. Never bothered, always happy; the rocks have come alive. So old and full of faces; they move; they laugh and fade away. I can see you on the rocks of maybe my mind. But I could swear that this was a mirage hell bent on staying. I have felt your touch so smooth. Keeping me twisted, in an illusion to figure out myself. Laughing and grimacing; I know I know; we have both such a common fate.

So much color, laughter pouring in multitude. Such intense depth and hate, why oh why that we be stuck here with such horrible twisted tales. I want to cleanse, I want to become that which cannot be conceived. That which cannot stay; the momentary elation; eternal decay. The darkness of universe which comes together as a beautiful lotus amidst rotting carcasses everywhere. So my downtrodden fate as yours that we are bound to each other, and never can escape till the ends of time. Till we give up our fragile bodies and hearts to an eternal sway. Maybe not liking to  our so called surprise.

How the earth bears witness, and laughs at our trembling fate. Oh god who devised such consciousness and power play. Come now and show your true bodhi coloured face.

Laughing uncontrollably.


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