Monday, December 10, 2012

Lack of Imagination

I put my drink by the side of the table, sitting on an awkward bar stool - I look around at the night roaches which have infiltrated this drinking hole for some sort of escape; camaraderie or to get high. I laugh and smirk to myself a bit and jokingly speak out loud, I direct myself at the space of the entire pub, maybe people would think I am drunk; sloshed out of my head, but what have people ever known of what was beneath their own cranium lol
So it starts,
“What may I think an entire generation of drones, machines which lack to be humans, androids or whatever be? How could they be known!?” I speak half spilling my drink onto myself. I just cannot contain this sublime laughter bubbling up from within....
One of the gentleman sitting beside me, gets woken up instantly;and speaks out as if he was ready to blurt out what he could no longer hold inside. Maybe people around would think him to be drunk as well! But again what would people know!
“Well, they could be known as machines or whatever mate, if they lack imagination or such shite”
I laughed, well this has started well, another bloke from the corner of this horse stable of men spoke “ Well, we all lack fuckiiin imagination or more such grimy shiite”
By now I was in splits, so I spoke to fury the fire so as to speak hah “ So yea, he is kinda right, we aren’t imaginative at all, as a culture or generation, we fucking boring”
A feel a thud of a beer mug close to me, and another one bites the dust, my friend for the night spoke gruff “You pieaace of shittte, we the goddamn renaissance of the neo underworld order, we the epitome of art and movies, of fun rides and crazy new boundaries, spring breaks and astronomy, we the diamond  chiseled from the fucking dust of our time on this earth as a species!”
Now I was no longer in the mood to control my utter disbelief of the grand laughter brewing within, so I spoke my tongue “You do know that this is some 1 percent of the people, and the rest still facing more hunger, more strife, more death and well more death. That is our imagination? That ain’t right man, and I spoke my mind worth
My friend remains silent, and this endless legged lass comes from the nightmares of this drinking binge, she is in siloute still; I cant see yet hear her as if she was next to my ears;
 “What do you say is the measure to this imagination of people around you. You seem like a fucking smug punk. and you would probably be the first among us all that will burn in hell”
I keep sipping a golden peg of sweet liquor all through the time she speaks through her bewitching voice. I am smitten hah
“I think if you ask me, which I count for nothing in itself; the greater the imagination, the greater the time spent in masses where they be meditating and in peace, and no just going around acting like sophisticated monkeys hahaha “
I think I should shut the fuck up and move on. But maybe the drunk talk is coming through. I think thats pretty funny in itself.
Someone speaks from the halo of this stable hole, 
“ Well the more the people sit and look inwards, the more they see that they see their mind, that’s pretty difficult by itself. Its easier to play out the mind’s fancies on an hour to hour basis, but if you ask me personally; sitting around doing nothing and not indulging through our senses is pretty fucking boring and lame. Its completely fag to spend your entire life in such a wannabe dream”
And the voice stopped, I could hear it as if it was a dream, or maybe cause I was looking at the dark beautiful raven in front of me, now more accursed and ready to devour me along with the rest of these remorseless people all strung out, all binged down, smoked out and left to rot....

“ Well I will respond, cause this is such a beautiful night; on such nights we need to banter like dogs along with the music playing in the background, maybe we could banter like intelligent dogs for a change, and I know how difficult it is to sit rather than move around to wanderlust, kill and maim living things, fuck and reproduce for the need to be fulfilled and then kill some more. I know the urges which drive us all, and the world we create is far less pretty than we imagine in our heads, the world and every day is cruel. Base and utterly meaningless. Yes to live through it, we must create deep meaning at our crude level. Yet even for upright monkeys, this is just humiliating to be and do all the time.
I am one of this description which I so full of loathing describe, and it is when I sit down or lie, or even go about with a greater awareness of these actions is when I understand my energy getting wasted on this repetitive monotonous stuff. I cannot fucking stand that no more in my life (and why should we?). Our ideals and ideation of something beyond has always come out of intense suffering of individuals and base intolerable lives. Why need to do that our fellow humans, when one can just sit down and open their inner eye? Their is a world beyond the mind, there is a world which is without us as well (apart from being within inside the psyche), and so much more clarity and wonder; all this if we just still our tongue and fucking crotch, if you close your eyes and perhaps listen to yourself breathing and left alone for eternity. Maybe it will really open all our eyes. Yet I know that this will lead to imagination superior than we have ever known or felt ever through the raging course of this earth's life! We cannot be ready for this just yet, for as all of you echo in my mind - its such a beautiful night to get drunk and die!”

The seductive feline in front of my vision! comes over slaps me tight only to kiss me one last time!  I got beaten up none the less by the drunk mob. Yet I could say that that at least this experience was not bereft of the crowd’s imagination

Cheers and Peace out!

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