Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Over and Over


Is it not a fact, that we have a fear towards the unknown parts of our lives. To what we are not? We have to go for a test, an interview, wedding or funeral. Meeting with someone strange or having an experience for the supposed first time, and its dicey. Come around a second time, its so much easier to face.

So what I propose is; or rather this wondrous nature – which creates life everywhere as we perceive. WE all forget our true nature; or rather energetic being, when we take birth in this dense dimension/physical cosmos/here and now. Confounded by space time and enduring sense boundaries. We forget it for entire lifetimes at a row; so each birth is unique. Each death as well, the entire life spent may or may not be unique lol. So birth takes place in blinding fearful surroundings, and death remains unknown; unknowable and so doomed. We forget that we are undergoing these facets of energetic existence. Over and Over.

Bound firmly by boundaries; kept by the mind in one piece; intact and may even grow with passages of other boundaries like time. Our fear of unknown grows like virus; multiplies unless we have faced the situation in our mind (Yet we are all this experience without the presence of our mind!-#enlightenment#). Our true understanding becomes a mirage which is held by memory and finally this master disk dissolved; and maybe the learnings too?

Over and over we face the same lives, same emotions; never experiencing the full potential of our power – as perhaps that may lead to annihilation of this ignorant condition and replaced by nothing/void of all and none as one – again to be repeated with sure shot forgetting; and getting born into the world with a new mind, and yet the same life? #CircularWhirlPool#

So our mind does two dangerous things to our beings – it first masks the true nature of our selves. Who we are, masked and bounded as to live life in miniscule moments, reliving the learning of what true grandness our energy beholds, and at the same time the mind grows upon itself a wicked nature – which obscures the truth and makes it fearful. The fear makes it a very dangerous weapon to be reckoned with, for with this advent – the self / each of our selves is kind of torn apart, from the other. We can never experience what we never undergo. Yet when the fear disappears, we instantly know each experience indepth. We are the source of the emotions and the experience itself. WE become who we are here and now. Fearless and all knowing being creatures – beings. We are not who our minds had thought to be, separated bodily or emotionally no more – we are forever one and none. This is such a simple truth. Yet it too is learnt from the mind and perception of experiences.

The entire process goes on over and for ever. It is this nature of the mind to mask the truth like the moon eclipsed completely and then the slow dawning painted beautifully to illustrate the grand yet simple truth of our being – something which the grand being cannot experience with out the creation of ignorance of self. The mind initially the enemy masking the true self; yet its action its the elixir of the soul; as it (the self-being-hereandnow) slowly and momentarily experiences its own beauty one step at a time, with the illusion of the mind slowly dying down. There is no such revelation to be had without the mind!

Peace. Lets try to catch up quick, not repeat the over and over!

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