Friday, May 14, 2010

First Love. Forever Love. Final Love. Forever Love.

Do you remember when we met for the first time. You didnt notice, but I sure did; you standing on the escalator; like it was the stairway to heaven. We had our first meal in between laughter and I was hooked on to your smile.
Do you remember when we met for the second time, You didnt notice but I changed into a pair of stalking so that we could go to the club we desired. We had our first glass of wine, so that we could stir the moments by.. It was such reprieve that you trusted me from first sight. There was none like you i would ever meet, I knew the very moment I put my eyes on your sensual attire. Wow I still reminisce till this day; how that night ended. with a peck on my cheek. So graceful.. ended with a sigh. Didnt know whether i would meet you ever again jyoti. Just destroyed my days and nights.
Do you remember when we met for the third time? We stumbled each other in the bus stop, waiting to catch a ride, up to clean blue heaven... we took the cab instead with small talk and so much intensity bestowed besides.
Reached to kasauli, where we lost the garb of strangers and dawned what we truly desired. A bottle of mountain wine, a walk and a talk of the sunset at hand, and caught by cops; we were just brother and sister to the outside world... while being soulmates forever in time..
Do you remember when we met the fourth time? It was the very same night... when you took the rosary beads from my neck and put it on as an anklet on your sexy feet, you made this saint a bloody sufi just in one night.. You took my life and turned it upside down. No words or deeds could ever speak like you did with your fluttering eyes.. oh you dont know, but i notice a lot more than meets the eye!
Do you remember when we met for the fifth time? The early morning dawn of kasauli when it poured lightening all night long like an endless affair, a wordless song.. it was coupled with the cinematic rolling in the hay !! The sleeping of the gentle angel on my lap in an abandoned bus stop till the morning broke us down to our sweet embrace (finally in a bed!)
You dont know how many ways you made me, you can curse me for not being there, and leave me for not being there.. but you are bound to me, like the leaves are to a tree; like the sun is to the sky, like the eagle touching and kissing the clouds so high. I am your dasa, and you are my muse. You remain the forbidden fruit, which once eaten jyoti; makes me remember the truth.
The truth that we havent met the first time, we wont ever be apart.. the laughing misery of our seperation too shall soon; oh very soon depart...
Do you remember (so we thought) when we were to meet for the last time? Next to the sunset lake, where we held hands and kissed perhaps like it was not meant to be? Do you remember the time, where all the mirages I had of you turned themselves into the blue blue sea? I remember the lips; I remember your hair; coiled my life into your hands and lo! there.. you my nymph, my self in another; you are the one who I can verily be happy with a life shared.
No poet can deny, No artist can respond, when the call of love strikes; they all drop and become one... You are my grace, I am your strength. together we will live this world and the next.
Be mine forever. For I am already yours forever.


Ragini said...

This piece is divine ..if that is what love is.. God plz, bring it on....

Ragini said...
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