Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Last One Seen

Aghori you promise me one last time, raw and worth less, the life filled with turmoil and distaste. The burning ash in my mouth without the wisdom of death.
Aghori sitting on the corpse, intoxicated with the power of self. Higher she gets, the less peril this night faces.
Night hounds brazen and taut; stand up and howl.. shred the higher to the lower from earths bowl. The night faces dark vibrations, like none of you have ever witnessed before. The eyes wired face to the north star, the hair on ends, as the aghori spits fire and water across your faceless self.
Seldom you are the last one seen, there is always another to take your putrid place. But this is no ordinary place; no ordinary state- the time of the night is always ripe. When the mother takes her foot and places it on your third eye.
Shook your tailspin, birth of destruct. The button is placed at your worldly wise navel. The lotus blooming forth, sets vibrations across the ends of the world. Press it down. Push it up... breadth for breadth; demise takes no toll in the crematorium of everyones end.
I slaved to you, in the name of love, retribution takes over, and nothing is left. I leave it for ash master! the ash which enlightens your night drive.
Aghori, you drive fear into the heart of fear. Death runs ten fold away from you, for you are loathsome, in your hands, tandav is the only state of grace!
The last one seen, before the mist takes over and everything becomes as it never was, yes the world becomes mystical once more; there is nothing to foresake, for there was nothing here in the first place.
Aghori, you eat me alive, burn my spine, inserting firetongs into my eyes, I see your true form and place. Not here Not there... Neti Neti never never never again.
You push my brain deeper within, splitting the neural network even further. There is nothing left, for you to dismantle, take it and re build it master architect.
The last one seen is a midget called ego, shame nay fucking disgrace...... The last one seen is the funeral pyre burning the laughing corpse of mine in haste. Some how, you should know the aghori is always present. presenting the present of the present to states un stated.
Burn down the cupid of duality-love. This lust which burns your energy, makes you think that you understand love.. The aghori laughs once more. for there aint ever anything as dangerous as his intoxicated laughter. It will cause you to vomit, realize that you are dust on his feet, perhaps not even that.
This is a revelation, nothing to be taken lightly. The destruction of lust and love; The beginning of the downpour of hate.

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