Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hiss Order

The cool shade inviting, your special foe now in.
Turbulant shaking and violent strife; flowing raging like the wild flower
Demise; Spitting the fury within, right type of dissent.

In spite I flew in the daze, it deludes the wicked, blessing insane..
Type spell cast over the pearl like moor, Winter Wine with the wane.
To look over your venom, the death and vile in my vein. Take the sport that first fades (into your well of pain)

Dye red, and wine over flows as the turtle settles within the shell,
You look in due awe, with the jaw hanging like a nuclear holocaust babe.
So, sow the seeds of strife within, the servant will obey; Hiss order looms in dis order.
This order which you accept with heads down to be in unison the favorite failure of our day.

No this is not the attempt to change what come may, hiss oder like the snake pouncing down at the flesh
weak and writhing rage.
The coil force is shifting, and as this is the day and age of aquarious, what you could be is what you be never ever in a thousand days.
Night owl; smirks and leaves for the worst to come down and finish the end looks like.
It bears no mark or resemblance to memory; it corrupts and registers itself again.. you will see
the bars unchained now let the fiery to the fore; the subtle humor, or what the senses will call an insane moment..
uncovers again and again. Why to bother; when everything bit down becomes to do your bidding.
Come what may.
Take a breadth and hold yourself in, see the wisdom of silence of this order to change it (within)
I stress your survival linked to the lineage, where you are the power plant; shamans night owl and the laughter of hallucinatory proportions.!

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