Saturday, May 29, 2010


You ought to find out. You are nothing special. You are nothing unique or worth saving. You are the singing dancing hating laughing toilet of this universe. Your inventions and feelings mean nothing to the cosmos; not even to me, and I am here right next to you; holding your hands and telling you to kiss me. The world is false; and so are your perceptions. You are trash, stinking holding your shit inside proudly and running away from it the very moment it comes out of you. You are the epitome of the hypocrite
You shake your head and inside think you are smarter some how; from the rest of this universe. You are the product of carnal rage, you are a Neanderthal looking how to become grace?
Take a look inside; you are not anything worth anything, you shouldn't be here, you should not exist. Your purpose is non-existent, and you have no role to play in the larger scheme of anything. Living day to day in your mall existence, shopping for clothes cause you are so full of shame to even display your naked god given state.
You blame your destruction on god, take the praise for yourself. You ask for help when your world breaks down one brick at a time, and cruise in your car splashing muck at everyone when you are made.
Fuck you and your money, your time is uselessly wasted.. You are no good, creating work when there is no work to be done... killing nature cause you cant be free. You think armani is your savior, and Wall street is your church.
You will fall.. for you procreate without thought; You will be burned and crushed; decapitated and amputated; lobotomized and kept six feet under for the fate of our future race... Inconsequential just like the millions who died over and over, time again and again.. It is not tragic; It is inconsequential. Just like you; take another look at the mirror showing your pretty decked up face. See it one last time, and tear it apart with your fingers if you have any respect left for yourself.
I am guessing you will put on some more make up to hide the shake up which is NOT your life ever.

War is peace
No is Yes
and we are all free
-Tracy Chapman

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