Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pink Elephant

Merrily it stands aplomb the center of the circus, the pink elephant holding a bouquet of rose.
Shining glittering eyes, dimensions untold; horrible instances of whips and torture unfold. Yea one blink of her fluttering eyes, and you are hypnotized; woken up from the dream when the best part was about to come.
You are already hooked on, the flying trapeze blows your mind away.. Truth be told; you never had it all anyways...
The pink elephant stretches its nose straight to you; pass the doobie man, this wicked crowd aint getting fooled..
What is dylan doing playing the flute straight from silence's gates... atop you oh fluffy pink elephant, You are not the whole truth be-folded yet are you?
Damn anarchy; You fool. You dont see what is in front of your eyes, what will you do increasing your bloody gene pool, wretched cursing you plunder the world from its dream home...
I remain silence, as dylan laughs out loudest yet, the crowd is staring all at me, wide eyed and jaw dropped.. is this already the prediction of a unanimous verdict?? what has happened to the circus,
I am afraid to believe, to trust my senses. When was i ever sure of anything, even my sense; the message is clear.
The visual paradox is the one which skips right in front of your eyes, mesmerizing and yet never registering... a blink too many took that happen to us;
The pink elephant striped in gold dust, the lies melt into a reunion pot, where the labels are removed from the sinners and freedom is for one and all..
Crows join around and lift the dark hue of what resembles the circus elephant, it is a golden ball with tuskers made of pure white light... something innocent eaten away by the ends of what we will call an end.
The enchanting forest beckons, where the wicked haunt will be what you do for fun, where you will do your best to increase the love between you and another, in harmony and dance; equaled to none.
The pink elephant will become the idol of symbol of worship of this adherence, to be N(one)...

Causation ceases, desolation reeks. of what our love will be; change, embrace and be the crystallized form of divinity, each and every breath moment and span. Your ends dont end with this journey dear friend, the elephant sees through space and time, peers through your hearts till the haunting so so short ends of our time...
Try in this instance, the elephant keeps a short shrill, its heart beating and flaring its smoke filled nostrils...

Om Nama Civaya

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