Saturday, May 29, 2010

The End

Aint got no money, to live in peace. Dont have no body to come and comfort me.
Everyone tapped down to a coffin one after another; god kept me to cry without peace. Every single day
Dont have a car or a house to call my own. Dont have no new clothes to cover this naked lump of clay waiting to dissolve.
There were the times in my life; which I called golden, but didnt read the signs all too clear; Sometimes yea; falling does feel like flying, till its all too late.
Never cared for friends or family; rotten lives rotting on me, Breaking bread didn't interest me nor did making bread.
Laughter ceased to be funny, Tears lost their meaning... My love walked away, left me to decay. All to myself.
What an anticlimax, Looking to the sky; waiting for the rain to wash me away, never felt this way; swear, never felt this way....
Hoped to be rich, failed my father.. Hoped to be good, failed my mother... Hoped to be powerful, failed myself... Hoped to be one, failed my beloved.
User friendly; I died everytime I took the sip of the devils whiskey, washed my life puking it down the drain. In my old age; I still didnt possess the brains to end it all one fine day....
Taught myself nothing new, treated those who treated me worst with respect. I die even now.
No rebellion, when will my breath stop. When will the machine not respond. When will the dissection begin?

Tied up, enslaved, smeared with the pasted disgrace across my head. The god mocks, taunts and spits at my shameful face. There is no end to this, no one to lean on; no one to help; no one to even offer.
My world comes full circle, just like yours shall.. those who will not die young.. will inevitably suffer till the end.... die of pathetic comical tragedy of old age.....

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