Saturday, October 31, 2009

Electrical Resistance

Night dawning, irratic shifts in rationale. The car drives at a constant pace. The hum of wind everywhere. Listening to maddening talent of live israeli dj's pulsing rapid incoherent visions on the radio. The night is glistening to your tune.
Take a left, the road curves on edges of fortune. Edges spiked all high. Your head has started twisting its juices apart. You are looking for the light on the periphery of it all. The light has been looking long for you as well.
A headlight of nighmarish proportions focuses on your car. You are blinded by sheer white light. The next instant lasts eternities at once. A shooting meteor, a sheer hallucination passes in your front of your perception disappears, hitting without a sound the ground, you feel the tremors rise.
The music is crazy, the dj's so far away in tel aviv are playing the scene created in front of your mental eye and your physical body. You park. Walk and fall out of your car at the same time, fuck the time is twilight. The time of the night. You are mesmerized with the subliminal electrical resistance in the air. All your hairs at their end..
The "UFo" believes it to be alive. The inhabitants slip outside the craft with ease. The flux created in the mind even to look at them, let alone to be in their company is crazy. The internal spirit matrix of man not strong enough to withstand the energies these "beings" possess.
They have not crashed, they have made a smooth airline landing. The night has an aura, a whitish aura to the place they stand on. No communication, nothing in the audio range that you can hear, the direct gaze towards them blurs your mind, causes an instant amnesia of their characteristics in the memory. Deeper energies; electrical resitance par.
You venture through the undergrowth, to see what this scene has to offer to your already surreal mental imagery. The craft is alive, possesses future sight. And guess what, it is one big speaker. Just that till now it was mute, not anymore.
The party is set in the middle of this desolate strip of land, devoid of human contact. The gods have come back to this earth, as they had seen it when they first created it. Perhaps they have come back to show a private dance. Exclusive only to those who can withstand the power they generate. In these moments of sheer divine celebration.
The "beings" have a smell, or maybe the nasal cavity renders different to different sorts of power. Astral causal powers at display here. The party is telecasting from tel aviv! You are baffled beyond belief. The gods have come here to dance to human musica crazy crazy it all is..
The mountains in the edges of yoru gaze have started shaking (in your view!) with the craft pumping music and atleast 20 odd special spectral spanda~nada beings shaking, grooving at different vibration rates.. atleast thats what it looks to you.
There is one in the center, the being disappears with the power of vibration and re appears, your sight way to slow to sense the grace in motions to the crazy dark musik played all around these hills, your mind trembles with this awesome awesome power at hand.
The blue one, the blur being, shakes. His forehead shines like the star of never ending light. You cannot do anything but be mute. All your shackles are broken, what have you been fearing? what have you been waiting for? Come in, dance free.
As the night progresses, everything becomes so clear, the beings come close to you (in a sense, not just the bodily senses). Everything becomes calm as your body literally trips and twists with the insane dance music. Tandav is at hand in front of your eyes, and in you at the same instant.
What a rush. Electrical resistance resisted redirected.
Sunrises flow through tears in your eyes. They are complete lifetimes of ecstasy echoed ripped apart and made one. You have been reborn, You have been made complete.

Peace upon all

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