Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Invest in Hate

Keep your hate going strong. Hating every single situation and cheap fried face that pops in front of your eyes. break every mirror which you see. crush every lie at your feet.
Think that you are gonna change anything; think again. what are you fighting for every single day in these times of international peace eh? War against yourself. To resolve every fuck up you see. Why Why Why?
Instead just hate. Hate to change. Hate as a way of life. Hate is my only constant. The soothing cutting knife.
I wish that it takes you over, you don't show compassion next time the situation doesn't require it. Give it back to those who think that they can take you and others for granted. That they are better than you? Kill them all. Burn them down.

Anarchy be reborn. Death be my savior. Invest in that pretty young tha'ng called Hate. it pays immensely huge dividends. Kill all those who oppose life. Those who want and want and want without reprieve.
Those who are not worth the air they breathe. How can you decide?? Come now, tell me born from the womb all the way to the grave you have not seen what is worth it, what is sheer fucking hypocrisy.
Dreams of mass graves, somewhere silent. everywhere blood shed ridden. Oh, the rains spew venom. Distant death now real and here. light matches to burn and convert everything to ashes.

Oh Hate, you are the source of mankind. You have given more than anything else ever could have to this species. the feeling of shame and disdain at us being anything ever better than this present form. Lets self destruct. Lets immolate to be free.

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