Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ex Nihilio

Pour the wine; for tonight is a torrid affair. The path through the orchid garden; leading back to primeval.
Sing my dear friend, tonight is the only one we have; to make merry, to drown lies in this elixir.
Dear khayyam, think me not as a fool; when you sing about the ecstasies of this world. You and I both know what scent your mind has whiffed. You and I are both brothers and children of the one; allah.
Out of nothing comes nothing- ex nihilio nihil fit. Why does this keep haunting me at the end, can you tell me khayyam? Your silence speaks more. Your piercing gaze keeps me in a limbo.
Where is the god which needs? Where is the world which comes out of something. This dream; shatter. This illusion blown like gold dust.
Tavern lights up with the laughter of us old souls. Where we are headed to; oh no one knows. Where we come from. Out of nothing ofcourse!
Speak wise one; don't silence your tongue shy, shout it loud the truth. That no one is a sinner, no one is a saint. Why, both you and I have each trembled with such fates.
Drink, Drink and be merry, Drink and be drunk, Drink and speak, Drink and muse. The one stringed guitar urges, face down and I break down this one last time.
This last night in the tavern of nothing. un forgotten by time.
Think now, we are lost and we dont know why,
face down and I break down when I see you this one last time.

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Nishanth Krishnan said...

Excellent. This blog should just not be missed

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