Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mountain Hunger

To people who enjoy a little bit of vertical pleasures, then the concept of the top of the hill is the perfect remedy for this condition. Mountains stand firm, nothing shakes them, nothing ever to bother them. They are sources of water and they block clouds for rain to come.
Many humans, find it a special pleasure- to indulge in- to climb on these gigantic ecosystems.
I too at various intervals in my life, try to travel to different hills to climb and be one with them,
Its not a coincidence that the mountain and the tree and strong symbologies in any and all ancient cultures. These are places where natural energies, potent from the earth are present. Many people see such energies very regularly while climbing on various mountains in various parts of the world.

When i climb, the energy for each step comes from the mountain itself, I give my will to it, and it somehow magnetically had a tendency to pull me to its summit. Many people I am sure would have felt like I do at times on treks, as your internal energy keeps depleting, there is some sort of momentum created, to try to reach to the peak/summit of a mountain. I always try to visualize it from a particular perspective- that all the pain that one undertakes in walking slowly on a jagged path vertical is only replaced by the great awesome magnificent out of the world view one will get at the top. The higer and harder the task, surely better more subtle breath  taking view to be gazed at the top.
One of the most beautiful view/moments I have seen at the top is in spiti, perhaps it was a dream, and perhaps it was a real dream.

As you climb higer upon the ancient land,
be sure to look up and down and all around, this is the story of the mountain which you are traversing, its written in sweat and air and the void.
Leave all things of low and plain aside, come up above. higher and higher.
Change and death decide? you better decide, whether you be jumpin off, or sliding off this feeling so so so alive.

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