Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ravenous Mountain Hunger-Part II

Mountains and valleys- a simple life. some one once whispered this into my ears. I have never forgotton it since.
But why the mountain, why such centralized importance to my attention?
Indians have forever spoken esoteric, never in plain simple words, and i am no exception.
there is immense fascination with mountains in this land, the ultimate aim of every person of this land is to renounce and find a mountain, to sit with and contemplate his/her life.
The mountain like the tree symbolizes the internal landscape. We do not have to travel to hills to be united with our maker, just like one does not have to travel to the ganges during kumbh to be absolved of all sins. All these are esoteric creations, with symbologies drawn deep from the psyche. from alternate states of consciousness.
The mountain symbolizes the base and the summit both, the abstract and un real sense of low and high, It symbolizes the spinal system which is erect in humans (vertical) and not horizontal - how it is for every other living organism on the planet.
The base of the spine is where the kundalini (serpent power) resides - the mula/base location. She is not active or even conscious, for when she is , she shall escape the muladhara and move upward the mountain (called meru-danda in sanskrit by many). As she reaches the summit, which is called sahasahra (thousand petalled- lotus) she reunites with consciousness- shiva. to become one. In true sense mountain climbing, externally... with ones body also entails the same process. One becomes flaccid, after losing ones present state- to regain something else as one climbs huge mountains. The mountain itself provides one with energy, something like if you (the climber) is the kundalini shakti, and you are moved up with momentum- naturally till the summit.
The tree (especially in christian symbology-and jewish) represents the meru danda, with the snake in the apple which adam eats from the tree of knowledge representing the kundalini shakti.
The twisted myth has come to spew distaste on what was actually the way to redemption. There is hatred for the apple with the snake. Though in reality the snake represents the natural progression through curiousity towards power and knowledge.

The lake is also another important source of power. Many lakes, like hills house special natural entities, which derive their sense of purpose and power from the natural-landscape. Why these sights have power in them?, is a good observation, i personally feel that natural landscapes- being here on earth for so long have harvested and hoarded power (what power?)... well look up for once, during day and you will see what i am talking about, as i told you indians weren't simple in their speech, they realized something about the sun, and what it gives (nuclear-anu power)... the generations of pure sun worshippers in the olden times... harvesting and hoarding that nuclear power (well a thing of the past, and definetely very difficult for this day and age) - and surely like trees, the older non organic counterparts like rocks,gems, hills,lakes etc have harvested and kept them, the younger organic (faster changing lifeforms) like animals and humans cant harvest and hoard this themselves, hence our existence depends on these.
During kumbh people go and immerse themselves at the prayaag, where ganga yamuna and saraswati meet, the exact conjunction is supposed to aid a better sinless life, but this is all crock. when people realize the illusion of sin is just to keep people hooked onto stupid priests, then people might actually start questioning and understanding the true nature in which Indian saints devised many of the festivals- all through the year.
The internal prayaag, is the base of the spine again, there the three internal nerves (called by many etheric) the ida pingala and sushmna (which goes through the spine above- the nadi/nerve through which the energy rises) meet. These three nerves meet again at the top. The prayaag is to cleanse and open the energy for its upward natural movement towards a universal consciousness, it is also the moment of union where the three nerves meet at the top of the head.

When we start taking festivals and the things which are told to each and every one of us (irrespective from which religion/culture they come from) more than just granted- questioning something cause i always believe that people are inherently not stupid, but just lazy. People dont devise moments/times of celebration, elaborate weird ass stories and myths, until there is some base to it. Some of the teachings from every nook of this planet-passed from one generation to another... some of them... yet all of them from all regions/quarters of earth do share a certain common wisdom.
The way to acquire power, the way to stop the end the insanity of this existence.
To just be. Free.

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