Sunday, October 25, 2009

Winter preview...

This is a glorious time, after so many sought after years, delhi-ites are actually witnessing a miracle.. the presence of Autumn and the steady onset of a preferably cold freezing winter.

For some weather might not be in the important schemes that they want from life, but I cannot disagree more. I sweat like crazy in these hot burning summers in the plains and frankly i dont think i was meant to be born in above zero temperatures. I love everything about the cold. It just sets me free with its presence :)

The first signs are the change in the smell around. Long time back delhi used to be actually quite green, and as autumn approached, the aroma in the air of dry leaves and them burning (set on fire by people) was intoxicating to say the least. I havent seen the leaves become old for almost a decade now in delhi. That is so sad. that in reality humans actually have changed the entire seasonal process not only for the climate but also for each and every other living organizm on the planet. Yesterday was world climate day (day of climate action), 181 countries including jammu kashmir in india/hyderabad/thanjavur made the number : 350 to show to the world (broadcasted) that this is the final straw, that if we dont heed what we are doing to this planet, then we are the last generation alive. 350 parts per million of co2 being the safety limit for humans, and we have already exceeded this number for many years.. the change is to be now and through change in consumption in energy consumption levels and sources.

Well to get back to the topic at hand, along with the smell in the air, the cool winds.. the occasional winter rains (north westerly disturbances- which are almost extinct for the past 5 odd years). The woolens and the body freezing dilemmas day and night.. hands nose ass... the whole deal.. its a sweet package not to be missed.

winters are a time of utter delight, its amazing to get 12 or more hours of sleep in razai,go for a jog early morning amidst thick dense fog, smoke that special cigarette with your nose turning all red, be cozy with someone special to share the heat ;). Drink wine/rum to soothe your insides. Exercise hardcore to generate body heat. drink liters of chai down every single day~! awesome..

When everything hibernates, dies or slows down or stands still. My heart paces quickest, the fact that i can go through a day without sweating is liberating enough, but that i can do what i wish, when i wish and however i wish it to be without any mental/physical agony attached is nothing less than a boon.
My mercurial/geminian nature demands that i respect the weather.. it most often decides the mood i am in, if the weather beckons i can lose myself in a moment in romanticism unparalleled. and if it be intolerable, then so would i.
I am optimistic that october itself is freezing bit by bit over, so i wish that the same continues and north india just freezes over. Actually to tell you the truth, i would be utmost content if it never thawed back at all. One desolate frozen playground for all.
When the winters set in properly this time, i have vowed to myself to see some huge layers of snow.. too long i have not seen massive snowfall.. this year that is my one pledge to myself. to see never ending amounts of snow. To drift of in pure white.
Hope that the weather brings about good fortune, that we are able to respect and understand the predicament our generation has created for the entire planet. That we sleep through the good weather, and do not sleep through what we need to do to save the earth.

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