Sunday, October 25, 2009

Raging Hearts

Intense unbending and single minded,
my rage seems to burn up everything in sight.
You are the only one who can withstand it my dear,
to take it in, to show that this rage can make you smile.

I promise not to be gentle. I will share my energy within.
The arrogance to divide rage into lust and love. The sheer hypocrisy of it all.
Something so pure, only you can understand. That rage of the primeval, that pinnacle of orgasm.

Why must we look for something other than what is in front of our eyes, the joy of the body, which can sustain this rage of the maker. the fury of the lonely creator.
We tango all night long, fight and bury ourselves in each other further more. Gasping for air and looking for violent embraces. The rage is something I need you to have,to keep as a sign of a man. from within to without to within again. The circle of life embedded in these precious few moments.
Lying in each others arms, we are spent. Nothing to say, yet nothing left unsaid.
Our selves no more separate, no more these mundane barriers. One ness the only goal of this un ending; un relenting; rage with which our heart~beats.
When love is in your mind, you whistle your hearts hymn day and night.
Your beloved so far away, your rage can do nothing but multiply.
I lose my sanity in you,
the only time i do not feel disgust of this existence is when i have shared this rage primitive. Always to be, never to do.
( the rage which makes you do~act, is also the rage which makes you~be. the rage which makes us live~ separate is the rage which makes us~orgasm in such sublime states)

This divine rage, flows out of the body to make us dissolve into bliss.
Dont stop, Dont recoil. Let it be the one which makes us one.
Peace upon all

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