Monday, October 12, 2009

No Brakes

Got no breaks in my life. and people closest to me can vouch for that.
Some time back i was in gokarna, with my beloved, to enjoy the full moon night which presented itself. We took a broke down (we didn't know that was gonna be like that) indica from bangalore all the way to the west coast, the driver was called munnabhai- but he didnt look anything like the movie character- and his mental aptitude was somewhat low. quite quite low, and that nearly cost our lives.
So we take almost an entire day to reach gokarna by road- and that really pisses jyoti off :)
I am in my serene mood, it had been quite sometime since i was re-visiting gokarna and the excitement beat all the exhaustion easily. We reach in time for the evening sunset in om beach- put up our bag at ganesh cafe (which is the first shack after the mid of om), and sit down with a smoke to remove all mental laxness.
The night dawns and its oh so perfect, the full moon shining upon the waves, we have dinner at a nearby shack and just relax- take up a bottle of wine for the night and stroll among the shore (its a feeling just impossible to describe!)
The next day we head out to the main tourist beach there- the gokarna city with its pretty little small temples- where my lover finds loads and loads of time to do hippie shopping (haha as i stand idly by!)
Evening once more, and i suggest to jyoti that we head to kudle beach (which is the second beach) for another romantic dinner. The driver hadn't informed us about the car, but it had already split a tyre on the coming journey and i wasn't hoping for much, the roads were dark- small and curved and we couldn't find the slope heading down to kudle.
I take my best guess and direct munnabhai to a steep edge going down- i believed that this was the road, how i was wrong. the road was just rock pieces together and steeping down at some 45 degree slope downward, the driver goes cautiously for some 10 metres before he lets out a small cry of sorts " No Brake" and we head down for a beautiful free fall ride for some 20 metres, the road is completely curved with the side I was sitting on-leaning onto a giant valley at the back of kudle beach, I instinctively cover my darling, she is in deep shock- she has suffered some instances like this in the past too i am reminded, and munnabhai comes through for the day and for all of our lives, there is a small patch of level land where he applies the hand brake and the car comes to a slow halt. Jyoti just springs out of the car and hits the floor, she is in deep shock, and i was bamboozled because of that. I couldn't see her like that and it takes me a long time to solace her completely. I personally was overjoyed kind of with the thrill ride.
We somehow reach om beach, where due to the full moon on that night, the tides had completely submerged the beach. We walk back in silence with knee deep warmish water covering us, and the moon bathing us in sheer white light.
My lover sleeps early, she is exhausted, so am I. but i sit for some time outside my shack, in silent contemplation. The Spaniard couple from the next door shack comes over and i remember we have a chit chat about this and that, i dont mention to them about my near life experience. I feel content to have come back with my darling in one piece.
Gokarna never fails to surprise the soul out of me!

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