Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Subtle Art of Leaving

Some people may believe the title to mean (it can be read many ways lol); the way to vanish without a trace. Which is also extremely profound to say the least. The ability to be invisible; The ability to not leave a footprint when and where all how all one lived. Its a sorcery almost you could say. The art of doing and being without a breadth heard. This is being a perfect shaman to me. Healing without attention wasted on the medium of the body.
But that is not what I had in my mind yet;
The art of leaving; every thought and action unto itself. Without any lingering. Without any obsession or need. Do you get what I say? Well all of us have. The way something disappears in our life and love. Poof here and now not. Well to leave is to be at peace too right?
You understand where I am going with this? At the end of your and my life. There will be no life, after life, more life, or life unto itself. We accept the ways things change, especially ourselves. Without pity or need; greed or apathy.
Yea, this I can coin as a subtle art indeed, which takes effort and patience. Its to be at peace every time all the time (I learn this as nature shows me that there is no moment I can spend, or do which can be without alertness or aloofness mixed in… sure you must understand?!). Peace is paramount;
Is it not? If there is no peace at heart and mind, then you might as well say goodbye to your worthless spending life.

This is dispassion which the master hari krishna speaks about. Playing the flute and enticing ourselves to give up, willfully! Do you understand what a powerful play that is. Its gives chills down my spine; To sacrifice with no remorse; and no expectations.
So few and far in between our grand species can do this and with such ease! What a subtle art it must be. At this point some think; is there a use for such a mastery in the first place? Why should we just sit and watch by our life go to the grave.
I laugh a bit and chuckle too; see the subtle play, You see masters who understand and realize it with so much more clarity; life’s chemistry; purpose or ultimate goal. And they see that there is not much time till they are no more, and with such precious time they try and master themselves to the extent that they can be a passive yet kinetic observer in any situation. It means to give up to fate/god/reality/power yet at the same time taking the experience with a pill of poison. Our goal oriented existence is not worth it; with our mortality frail and ending every instant. Use this to practice the path of absolute silence. To show your worth, while being humble?
Leave all to nature, thats what is asked. Leave all needs of your life and the tyrannies you have endured. Keep walking straight through fire and make it out with a smile so divine.
Leave your nature; and you will be it. Leave your mind alone, it shall shine and outshine. Leave yourself by the river, and see what a wonderful new day it is. Leave this grip on your sanity; (I laugh so much). There is no use to hang on to a devilish imagination!
Peace All the Way Out Brothers and Sisters. Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi

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