Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sing Along

So let’s us all sing along, perhaps it be our last song tonight or forever. Moments last for eternity.
We were once who we thought us to be.
But why now are we laughing at ourselves/ Make you parade; masked facade
Laughing with a drink in our hands, surely whiskey or wine. When and how did we become so thin; doing it all again, without least bit of surprise.
Look and laugh, jaws drawn wide. Looking like a buffoon in a buffoon's attire. Clothed covered all the fucking time.
Sing along we all shall; in unity of immense passion. Towards the cheerful song that is our lives. Living breathing dancing with skin touching skin. Impulses bringing a chance to live. Investing and not at all interesting, summary in so few words the lives of others and I.
So we cheer up and make merry; laugh joke and trip our hearts out. Without a single abuse or “negativity” attracted. Such a simple life, with the glasses down and spirits up. We cheerfully forget the burden we carry all along. We need to forget it, we need to go back to nothingness. When there is no where to go tonight, or perhaps for eternity.
I give myself up for a chance; even when the odds add up astounding against moves which I made, make. You give yourself that chance as well. And we shall both unite with a sweeter embrace; towards opening up to entire lives, A Dimensional world of wonder. Astounding vision and dream and depth in store. With a sweet smile; with a graceful walk; passion and style. You make yourself be here and now.
Just leave the shame and need at the door; I assure you that you will have a hell of a time. The bar is open for contented experience indeed.

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