Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Faster Stronger Bleaker Weaker

Something like the movie The acid House

You waned your days and nights, walking never there here and everywhere. You were to reach your destination so clear in your mind. Where did you leave it behind? Where did the rose which smelt so… go? I guess you left it all behind.
The rain pours faster stronger; as you walk on bleaker; ever longer.
On streets and desolate pavements. Without a soul in sight; with your noose hanging in front of your head, all night. all night.
Sure you hit the fast track to success; your money and gold inside that secret crest. You got the moves to show ‘em; the world. Faster and stronger you went ahead without a fucking care to share.
Your dazzling teeth and that bewitching smile (makes us vomit); your health so fine and your mind oh enveloped in dark shine; you thought yourself more sweeter than all the rest. You carried the devils pentagram around your filthy chest. Where your heart ought to have been; beating ever faster and stronger; only lay a carcass waiting to be buried; each day making it bleaker and weaker; how much longer?
You wacked the helpless; prayed for the pardon of your sin and got it out of your head. What a fucking joke you could have been; instead we could only reward your life with complete apathy.
You are the architect of your own demise. Blessed be; that we are not as you; that would be the worst crime. You don’t know who you are yet. But the day you find out *who you are* ; would be your day of judgement; unlike the rest.
Cause we all are going below the ground. Sleeping till eternity ends and wakes us from our slumber sound. You my friend are still at it faster and stronger, working to death for the riches found perhaps only in your head, while your life wanes thick and quick. It is seeking its reward; but all this, your charade, your facade, your hate is making us perpetually sick.
Why don’t you leave my friend? (this world, this existence and all of us indeed) Why are you so hell bent to reach the fucking end. There is no fame and fortune like you so explore. There is only your life ending one day at a time; a fucking chore.
So now I ask, why are you moving ever faster and stronger; cause it looks like whatever you are after is only making you weaker bleaker, causing your demise to be ever longer.. causing us to sicken and suffer.

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