Sunday, January 15, 2012

Attention Spun

Sources and sinks of energy amongst the living.

Where does attention lead and where is it absorbed. I see in sexual organism that the male dissipated it and the female absorbs it. Consciousness is giving itself away every moment (time is irrelevant) to the power. Power the base of existence. In this vast empty space. Everything vibrates naught, and it remains as all is. In the mist of nowhere.

You see when attention wanes, the corpse becomes prey to the vulture. absorbing it within the beaks of fury. Back to empty space (akasha/void). Attention maintained, remains meditative. Shower your grace breathing like some life form, which is just to say; that you move/vibrate faster than the inanimate space around (you).

It seems so funny; it does believe me; that attention stored in one “life/being” pulls out to another, which accepts and expands it. Then one body will bow down its will, its power to another. For things unexplainable. So beautifully carved.

Women so beautiful, in the limelight and nightlight. They dance sensual wow blow my mind. Pardon my language; but the bunch of wide eyed morons with a hard on for an instant, losing themselves in throws of love (oh so they imagine) are caught in the loss of attention. Energy throwing itself away to create anew.

What a miraculous sight, this is what i imagine realized souls across this vast dark space/energy can see in their eyes, mind or whatever sees in the first place?

Energy travelling within cables and wires; from humans to plants to the entire sky so blue above. Energy everywhere, pockets and whirlpools. Diverting and converging, and somewhere in it; there is multiplication of this quantum of energy. Its being created and destroyed. No quantity but just the expression of infinite attention.

So I started from somewhere and ended up with a different phrase, but it all remains valid. I wanted to divert your attention here and there, with many words and weird experiences. When your attention is thrown off guard, is there a chance. That you get to see the real state of things now.

<< I just listen to music and let the energy show me all the ways how it itself plays with everything around it. Words are absolutely fatal in such a conversation. On such a night. >>

Peace Peace Peace

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