Monday, January 23, 2012

Stunted Sloths

Modern human being is an impairment of his original creation for sure. Stunted perhaps the word; as in not in some spiritual sense, for that has always been man’s dilemma.
I mean look at the majority of us city dwelling folk, we don’t really use our bodies much, to work. We use our mouths, talk within our limits, work with our fingers and minds, accomplishing only god would know what (or not?). The other bunch of us stay in completely apathetic existence, where all what we do is work with our bodies from morning to night and another endless morning yet again, sleeping only that much in a night as the bodies fatigue allows. Drowning and snoring in a stupor of cheap arrack (pouch liquor), machines would have much better maintenance time. Running overtime with the body and never with the brain, to feed your baby. To clothe your naked cold dead existence.
I feel, for this. I really do, cause well I am a human being. Like you and so many of You’s out there. We live like animals, claim ourselves divine gods/humans and think in such petty ideals.
I want nay choose to break out of this tyranny. You can also empathize a bit (a lot would help). Stop talking, Stop the world, Stop acting, Stop it all now. We have a chance? Yet to make it.
Any given day, a plant or an animal would have a better life, yea i cannot cure hunger and neither can a random gibberish god from the sky. But I would eat and be eaten truly in the peace of this life.  What can you or I accomplish with the best of our talents and scorecards? Our efficiency and productivity with which we build better and best. We are still stuck in a rut, such monotony. Speak for your money all through the day and drink through the night to keep the painful bite (which will become tougher each day) away.
This is a true dilemma is it not, the true spiritual dilemma which I mentioned. The reason for us staying in between pools of filth (literally if you think broad enough lol) and enjoying every minute of it?
Peace and Grace

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