Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Maybe someone “up” there in heaven likes me, or really likes to play pranks on me.
But some days do make you realize how lucky you may be. On the breathing front;
This was the last to last time a bomb exploded in India’s capital New Delhi
There were 5 bombs kept in and around Cannaught Place, which is the center of Delhi; a busy commercial hub with numerous number of shops, arcades and more. The 5 bombs were not loaded, but enough to kill anyone in a 10 meter radius.
On this fateful afternoon (it happened around 12-2, I cannot be sure of the time anymore, as in I would never want to remember). I go to meet 2 of my old college friends there, we decide to meet near regal cinema-one of the oldest cinema halls in Delhi, though its no parking, i park my car in front of the place and sit in the car so no one will tow me and wait for my friends to land up (we had decided that I would pick them up from that location). I wait there listening to music for around 20 minutes and then the place gets to me, as in the traffic, the noise and the entire set of manic people out from the movie hall; i quickly move the car away and park it near the entrance of railway station.
I get out from my car, to call my friends and cuss them for being late *Indian fucking standard time* and in an instant i am deaf. The noise is extremely loud. Everyone is dumbfounded, A bombastic day has yet again begun in the heart of India.
The blast sounds at least a couple of kilometers away; well cause it was so loud and maddening, its effects made everyone stand dead in their tracks. I was totally dumbfounded, I could see it came from inner circles direction, and of course I knew that it was a bomb; but had no clue what the fuck was happening. I instantly call up my friends, they have heard it too, and we are all in panic; they meet me within the next 10 minutes and we get the fuck out of there.
I reach back home, the tv’s are on; causalities are being reported but that's not the end of it, there was also the presence of two more bombs- which did not explode/detonate. The police is on it (it seems)- to diffuse the other two bombs. One is kept in front of regal cinema. The same hall where i was waiting for 20 odd minutes. The place is shown from afar, there are tons of cops and people all at a fare distance, and some bomb diffuse troupe going around tripping on their own balls to get the bomb- they manage to get it unscathed. And I realize; if that had gone off earlier than the other 2-3 which had, I would be not watching TV right now, but would be in it.
That seemed a disturbing enough thought for the day, and I went to sleep. Just another day in India.

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