Thursday, April 7, 2011

To Return To As Is

A Monologue on changing consciousness:
I think and speculate a lot on what a singular or plural consciousness means to me. I also regularly negate or refute what I think is correct or true or real on this matter. It keeps me on guard never to accept an explanation as final or ultimate.
For this whole abstract concept cannot ever be described explained or understood. The mirage which is the mind tries to gather knowledge. Knowledge is like garbage, well existence is garbage too. Knowing garbage or not knowing is not gonna do or be anything you see.
But I ‘instinctually’ ‘know’ or have ‘enlightened’ my being with the concept that when there is talk about a changing consciousness, (and consciousness is ever changing and beyond a dichotomy), this change of consciousness is only required to return ‘us’/living realizing consciousness of the universe to the state of what was. Or is.
Well what is this – what was/is, state? The intial state, nascent state (and every state is nascent/raw/perfect when this too is known/unknown-intial or nascent is not representative with time but with the endless cycle consciousness undergoes of knowing and unknowing itself in a maya framework) is what is true consciousness at peak looks like. The nascent state – where man was not using his ‘intelligence’ to dissect useless philosophies and burn the forests down to print paper- there was no seperation from the land and forest and earth. The intial state- where the child is in a state of emotional and intuitive peak through life and not just for a period till pre-puberty. The intial state- where there is no concept of personal self greater than a tribe/a group as indicated in our age. The intial state- where god is not somewhere. God is no one, and god is the all.
Well this intial state is the change in the consciousness desires. We fall from heaven, we bury our head underground and wait for emancipation. I am not talking/explaining zen here. This is the state of us; Now when I do talk zen- and I talk zen more often than not- The state we are in is perfect and its also the nascent state. The realization of such anomaly or a dichotomy is preposterous (well to the mind and the vehicle trying to hoard information or knowledge). What is the mind to believe? to trust? or do?
Believe me the change is going to take place, there is no other way. The way out is to direct it with the function of will, and then lose it with the function of unity/love/collective consciousness, leave it and let it be. This is intuitive learning, and perhaps you too see it such?

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