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The Alien Crown

There is much debate nowadays, on origins of human history and anthropological evidence discovered so far and what it all really points to. Well the debate is whether our past is molded by our species or whether there have been extra terrestrial entities also involved intimately to shape our present/future. 

For years, I do not need any more convincing. I believe that most encounters with divine entities in any culture’s past are influences of other worldly beings, some call them angels/demons, djinns and siddhas, bhuta and pishach etc. The gods which most of humanity prays to look like they have arrived on some space ship here, and are dressed in astronaut suits with perhaps jet packs and multi utility instruments in their mechanical hands (refer the thousand hands of the multitude of gods/goddesses we have- who carry weapons and other instruments)
Well I have been pondering long on this topic, there are innumerable examples in subcontinent texts to bluntly explain the role of the extra terrestrial gods in fields related to astrology, science, art, ethics, religion, spirituality and so much more.

The way I have come to see which of the pantheon of gods are actually extra-terrestrial is by the way of whether they actually adorn a crown on their head or not. Now here is the funny part, except for the ancient figure Shiva, all the other gods have been depicted wearing a crown to represent their grandeur.
What is it about the crown that is so alien ? Well its not the crown per say, its what's underneath the crown… In many other parts of the world, people have discovered the presence of human skulls/fossils with elongated heads, there is still rampant practice of elongating a living babies head in certain tribes of africa- as a token to their gods. You can search and see the impact of the expanded head across various religions and tribes in the world. Its truly profound. In India; there are no gods depicted with elongated craniums, but every god does possess and wear an extended Crown. Perhaps as a helmet or some sort of locking device for the safety/security of their brain.
The link below shows that artificial cranial deformation is as old as perhaps the evolution of the modern human- who has used this technique as perhaps a method to emulate the superiority of the ancient alien races which might have come to earth in the past. Across various religions such an act (performed on babies) is for lifelong change and is used as a caste/social status cue for the others to know.

The skull representation of an Egyptian princess
(You can refer to the wiki link :
The reason according to me why the god Shiva is always depicted without a crown (well apart from the religious esoteric reasons), is because shiva has been a human being; someone like us who is used more often than not as iconography to depict divine consciousness transcendence. He is not a real alien/extra terrestrial who came from the heavens/skies above to show us something which we didn’t know. It is quite a revelation to me.
There is also more to Indian History than most know or care to admit, Indian history has been shaped by multiple time eras. Well India has been an Island and also part of the Asian continent. It has been close to the Sangam continent as well. There have been cultures evolving and living here through different time periods.
And yes, all of these cultures have encountered divine, transcendental heavenly beings time to time. From maha-avatars and therionthropes to hyper dimensional siddhas, naths, aghoris etc. These all are either extra or ultra terrestrial beings; mingling with the human race and propounding information and ways to live more seamlessly.
So I have understood parts of the ancient Dravidian/Tamil literature to the mohendajaro extinction and also the Indus valley gods. The supposed Aryan conquest and the mixing of the natives/tribal with the oncoming agrarians (that too was propounded by extra terrestrials at some point). The thing is, In India- its all accepted; if I was to go about and rant that Maha-Kali is an alien who came down as a last resort to the ‘experimental gene farm’ which we call the earth to fight over some other alien entity- well this won’t go down bad or misunderstood by any Indian, cause most Indians have gotten their own mechanisms by now to remove any disconcerting or conflicting knowledge about their theosophy or religion without being least affected by it. This gives the average Indian moron way more tolerance about the ambiguities of our own past, yet at the same time it gives us way more nonchalance regarding the beliefs we hold as our sacred past without questioning their true origins.


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