Friday, April 15, 2011


Mysterious and Spaced; lying on my chest yet so far away from my heart lies she.... in damned silence and peaking rage, why is she still facing away from me? Where are her doe-eyes pointing to... towards dark empty space?

I am haunted by this ethereal scent that she brings; the flavor of my fondest flower and my darkest sin. The requiem of love on my grave. She is centered and dowsed in this emotion. Jasmine is her loving name.
A kiss on her lips and surely you are doomed to wander, She owns you. You remain her sensual game...

Every dawn, she would walk upstream close to the pulsating river. She would disappear in the mist and reappear as if walking in from a frozen dream. Dressed in the color white. Her fragrance would wake me up in an orgasm unfulfilled; begging for ever more. For that darker jasmine.

Cloaked in decaying flesh and rotting bones, seeking what was forever more; I fell to deceit and cheats, lifted my gaze and saw her seeping into my soul, saving the wasted and fallen me.... she razed me towards her intoxicating smell. The dark jasmine ruled me whole. What else is there to tell....

Her past shrouded in subtle mystery, her present was dismal ecstasy, she spoke of her childhood in sullen frames... where her father beat her and her mother ran away in shame.
She took upon her heart the unthinkable and accepted her cruel fate. She rose and sprang her cheer and she was never the same.
Her silence forever made me morose. Her shy demure laughter made my eyes shed and my throat hoarse, Her beauty ever resplendent like the shining sun above. Her madness grander than the moon on her throne.

Jasmine, oh darkest Jasmine; would you lie down for a bit now? Cease to be pained by who you were hurt by someday, somehow....
Your soul so pure!, saved me; touched me; kissed my shredded heart; You became my cure!
Let us be intertwined this solemn night, where we lose robes of skin and in each others eyes, make magik love like hungry djinns!
Your fragrence has lifted me from the pit of my despair, shed my pain, and has finally cut the painful mortal snare.  Your sadness has shown me my worth this life. To become your lover and servant till time exists no more.

Oh Jasmine, there is surely no need to cry anymore. See the abundance of love pouring through; from shore to distant shore..... Jasmine, you remain the darkest damsel. You remain sheer delight, dissolving the exterior in turn for one and final ethereal core.

Love and Peace

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