Thursday, April 7, 2011

Your MoJo

These are the two ways for consciousness to shift during one’s lifetime:
1) Consciousness experiences only the repetition of days and nights. There is uncertainty and little or lack of self understanding or knowledge/being with power. This consciousness tries to become self-aware through breaking down of physical and mental barriers. It tries to expand and experience ‘subjective more’ about its own creation. This is the experience of the householder going through phases and realizing that the end so near and realization yet so far. Its brief but you can generally see this for yourself, are you happy currently yet you are not happy in the moment? The moments are not what they are to the conscious full person… different and unexplainable.
2) The other visualization of consciousness is when it realizes (subjectively); that its unending limitless conscious power of the universe, and it can experience through the senses or in their absence as well. This is the true real state of creation. And the former one mentioned is the maya which most of us human beings go through in the vague and generally unrewarding quest to become self aware. This is the way of zen too. There remains nothing to realize for you are already that. This is the true state. Stateless state to be precise. Words and thoughts lose their charm when one is pure consciousness. As it should be always.
The first perception is the evolutionary conscious action.
The latter is the revolutionary conscious being. The latter where there is paramount realization of one’s own state and being. The one universal power present without forms or understanding. As dark as the darkest nebula, As light as the glowing suns forever…
The way when one realizes that they are not who they are, there is nothing as it is. yet the universe remains like this and that. This is the avaduta path to realization. There is no realization, for its forever realized.
These are not yet ramblings; these are the ways in which consciousness passes in the vessel of the body and onwards forever.
Which of these methods appeals to you? The way in which every single moment you become and be more and more of this entire existence. Growing multiplying consciousness ever expanding?
Or the method where you already are, everything already is. In bliss and love. There is no change envisioned, there is nothing to slay. This is the pure freedom that is here and now. Its the avaduta’s method. The warrior method. The revolution is just beginning, and we got to make sure that we are ready when our day or reckoning arrives. Ready and one!
Peace and Love

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