Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shri Mahavidyas: Introduction

May the powerful universal causal kinetic energy which is the essence and nature of reality and experience pour forth without hindrance.
The Vital Energy- Prana is this very energy which helps fill the empty vessels and creates consciousness. Let us introspect and create a visualization of such euphoric elevated elated energy within each and every organism/source of active kinetic consciousness.
The vital Prana, is further tuned into more subtle variations of this beautiful cosmic energy which pervades everything and everywhere. Prana becomes prana....apana....udhana...samana...vyana.
These five together create and regulate the physical vessel wherein the source vital breadth literally breathes in the cosmic energy; creating and nurturing consciousness. Let us introspect on the colors and vitality these energies exude within us all. Their entrance and departure from the vessel; their active functions regulating and creating everlasting harmony within each and every origin of consciousness.

Energy is what is; has been and will be. Energy is ever present and resident. It is not bound by space time or even other dimensions. It is the creator propagator and destroyer of itself. Energy can be visualized as a matrix; as color; as a void; or even consciousness par supreme. In reality energy is. Whatever can be; is and will be; is energy showing itself; manifesting in different unique and as I like to call it; sensuous manners.

Energy to me is Shri; the feminine. It is irrespective of what you like to see it as. I simply like to see it as the divine feminine. She creates consciousness; which to me is masculine; inert and passive. Introspective and non-causal. Consciousness is refined and perhaps subtle shakti. Hence that is why in Indian and many other civilizations across the world Shakti or energy is seen as raw; untamed and un-tamable. While the male aspect is seen as meditative; introspective; inert and composed. I like to call the masculine shiva. Or supreme; for it is the epitome and supreme aspects of this raw energy pouring as consciousness; pure undiluted and divine. This is divinity in human terms for many. But in reality; Energy is what is.

Prana or life-force creates life; It sustains and when the energy finishes; the life or consciousness ends. It might be transformed; or become raw and un-conscious. In human limitations we always try to see all this as functions of time and ask questions like when; how; why etc. But in terms of energy; it is simple. The net remains the same; yet the net is always changing and hence it never remains the same. This is the best humans can do to define energetic terms.

Energy can be collected; like it is within the vessel called the body; where prana resides. Raw feminine energy can be collected stored and cast over through the use of symbols. The symbols are created by consciousness; by men and women like us; the shiva - masculine ponders and sets symbols which call forth energy; though the net remains the same; it never really is... the case.

The Shri yantra; is the most apt display of such appearances in this universe of energy collected. The Shri yantra is a set of nine interlocking triangles (forming in total 43 triangles in total), I guess nine is the holy number for energy to be set forth too. There are nine levels within this Shri yantra; for different levels to be permeated forth within the active consciousness of men and all life. Each level can also correspond to a particular energy center in the vessel called the body. These are generally called chakras.
The yantras center is important yet not important; It holds the bindu or the symbol of point. The point symbolically is where all energy is present; its not a place or time. Its not categorized by any location or field. it cannot be delved or found through use of senses or the mind. It is for all practical purposes; unattainable and unreachable and hence i say it is unimportant as well.
The bindu is the also experienced through sound; its generally called nada-bindu. The importance of sound is something peculiar. The scientists of lore; our forefathers found that this time (or this moment of creation- or simply put; 'this time around') the energy has manifested mainly as sound - as i understand it; consciousness defined can more easily experience itself; raw energy manifest and unmanifest in the way of sound; hence we have primordial mantras vedas and agamas dedicated to the sound. Apart from the symbol of the energy- Shri as Om.

The energy is our creator in all real aspects; and hence people bow down low; look at themselves; what and who they are with awe and pay due respect and adoration to this energy in the form of a mother; the symbol of our creation into this world - through the divine womb. The mother is energy ; raw ; sensuous and complete. She creates the father; suckles him at her breast (as is the symbolism at the holy center of tarapith- where shakti is the mother of shiva) and sends him forth to introspect. Shiva becomes supreme under the grace of the divine feminine and seeks perpetual intercourse; or rather unity with the same energy. Which is always the case in reality. Energy Is.

There is a very ancient secretly guarded cult if that would be the right word; in India containing the the knowledge of this energy. They are followers of mother goddess. Most will not divulge secrets of collecting and casting universal energy to those who they dont consider awakened or on the path to shiva. Many ask why, all i can say from my side is that; people might look at a wire and not see any damage but the wire is electrified. Those who know this will not tamper with a live wire till they can withstand it; its the same case with universal energy; raw and powerful. The mother though creates and sustains and eventually destroys is a live wire. She has to be approached with sincerity and patience. With love and abundance. With faith and resolution.
There are ten mahavidyas who exemplify various strands of this divine energy. Which makes all; Some show the benign and creative aspects while others show the malign and terrible aspects of this live wire which makes one and all. the knowledge of this primordial and all consuming energy is what will set consciousness to  be in perpetual union in knowledge with energies which form the universe.
The Shriyantra is the collective symbol of the finer mahavidyas. The energies manifested in various ways- experienced by consciousness.

Meditate with fervor 
On the bliss that be
There she reigns supreme
In the sky pervaded with Om 
Land of Shri

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