Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Redemption Unbound Pleased

At the throws of your mercy; I squirm in frenzy, like the tides being pulled magnetically to the moon.
Wish that I may, serve your cup filled with the red wine; the color of your mesmerizing lips. 
Sweetened ecstasy, spent by your side; wished that I might... ask you out for another night. 
Such course lives, we drone and delay, till the moment of love passes faded and its all too late;

Ney; One life and the consequences that beckon... spent in the cool reflection of your flowing hair. 
Deny me; your form and fragrance and please the vultures waiting to feast on this faded memory *me*
Satisfy us; and the love that completes. graceful apparitions in dim lit alley ways. Wind howling on deserted deserts; an oasis like you to quench this thirst borne out of a millenniums endless pains. 

Where were you Tara? Your delicate hand on my head, Why be morose; when the life of love is like a rose; once beautiful, eternally decays. Majestic is now; the time and place, where we are one in spite of the shadow plays of night and day. 
Bewildered; a child from the womb, I am nothing and no one without your reassuring glance; without your divine touch; without you my muse, I have nothing to lose. 

I wake up and hold you tight; its severe, the pain that I face alone and blind, in such a dilemma all I can do is remember our first embrace; losing boundaries and space, It all has been a perfect state (of one). Where the lover falls to his knees and the divine goddess heeds (to the temptation of losing sanity); 

The abstract manifested inside of us; like a seed germinating disguised in lust; but in truth it is the spark which makes us alive; it is love which has forever been our guide. You cannot make me turn around, to the darkness and the abyss from which I once found; that all the worlds cares add up to nothing without you oh lover; and all I ever dreamt and asked for was you Tara; over and over. 

In waking state and in sleep; In meditation and in deeper sleep; In death and so in life; you are my sweet redemption; my self to be; I am dust in human form, looking for the eye of the storm-- Your heart the halcyon of the entire experience of me... 

Oh Sufi, Your love is what makes a man (like me) to stand and break free. Be my force to repel all ego; to enslave myself to you like a creeper does to a tree; In fire and ice; In truth and lies, through death and high grounds, Your sweet redemption is the cure held for this malady/disease; sweeter kiss; completely unbound! Thoroughly Pleasing indeed.


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