Friday, July 16, 2010

Crystalline Attack

The last few days suffering from terrible cough and fever; I felt like how this earth has been feeling for such a long long time. The earth has a perpetual fever because of the parasitic virus called humans living thriving and killing on it.
I am sure most of us have undergone a really bad time of fever in our lives. Its not pretty at all. There are times when one is so weak and in despair and delirium that nothing is worth while except eternal sleep or numbing death. The body reeks in pain, and is ready to let go of everything. There is no sense in anything when one is under attack by parasites. 
Human beings are just like that, we justify our existence and then go out and finish up everything else that is living around us. We have systematically destroyed everything on this earth for our own greed and gluttony. The earth has tried to sustain us amicably and symbiotic ally, but to absolutely no respite. We humans take compassion and understanding from other species (and even ourselves) as signs of weakness. We believe that we are justified to be here, as many worlds great civilizations and religions state; that god made us to be here and everything on this earth was made for mans benefit (such statements are quite prominent in religions such as islam etc). And we create a fictitious god in our psyche to easily nullify all the wrong and pain we are causing for our petty benefit. This is truly the case with us 'parasites'. We think everything given or granted to us, is actually owed to us. Its not a boon or blessing. its our burden. I feel sick even without a viral sometimes at childish immature notions such as these, upheld and revered by the 'ancient' and 'wise' civilizations and thinkers of our time. 

We need to change, even though most of us are educated and know that certain things are no good, we are prone to apathy and laxness. We dont care, cause no one has supposedly cared enough for us, and that is where we are wrong. The world and nature cares for us enough to give us so many second chances to continue living on this planet, something we can never be ready to do with out foreign parasitic virus friends in our body. Think about it. Selfishness and selflessness, embodiment of greed and willing to bleed (for another). Which one will you and i want/choose to be, I know my path. Make yours concrete as well... 

So next time if its you versus doing something selflessly; giving up something so that you dont destroy something which also has a right to be here along with us on this earth, we can look at the symbolism of the virus in the human body, which multiplies and has but one purpose; to cause pain and demise to the host. To what use? to what need, as all of you who have gone through a bad case of viral would have felt i suppose as well. 
We are not virus', we are living loving consciousness and we are quite capable in proving that we shouldnt be classified with some non-living crystalline programmed killing machines. I hope we really can. For the good of our planet (our body) and ourselves. 

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