Thursday, January 28, 2010

Karma Yoga

A being who is capable of working, without goal.. yet achieving them is an absolute godhead.
Why is (all mean the same btw) considered a yoga (union). You would notice that most people who preach yoga, dont actually do any work themselves, but many an enlightened master has preached that karma yoga is the sure shot way towards emancipation, from sorrow and rebirth.
The pure joy of working without the goal in mind, is the universe and god hood acting through you and me. the work, in itself when one undertakes with spirit and heart, with toil and love. It becomes an act of creation. True creators are karma yogis, they are able to create something and yet at the same time retain the wisdom to know that no one creates, as much as one is created.
The gods of heaven too, create incessently with joy and love, without reward or goal in mind. verily the entire universe is in an act of creation, and this is karma in essence. The true karma yogi can create with her will. Without a "personal" goal attached to the act of creation, this verily represents yog/union.
To me this is as close as i can get to karma yoga, when i am involved without concept of self or day and night, to work at something, without knowing what that is- or not being concerned with it, cause what will happen when i reach a particular goal? il stop, rest and die. That is not the way, work will always happen as long as the breath in this body is present, its upto you and your wisdom to know that work to be done is not a consequence of any attachments to it. Its just work you see, work which has to be done, for the universe works with such 'work'. This is par excellence karma yoga. Be one with the universe and your god, work day and night without acknowledging the results. Work is the union.. being goddess of your creation.


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