Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boiling Half Lie

Simply aghast at how fast my world changed, I stand mesmerized. The cave beyond human intervention opens up and swallows my soul.
The darkness is endless; and I walk on in silence, with the sound of footsteps as my company, my companions have taken their routes to find their truth, as does everyone in this world... finding their truth. I dont mean the absolute sarva truth, but their truth. So I shall find mine.
The depression which was once the great crystal mountain of lore, sinks further into the abyss. The quietude broken by the rumble once so often, I follow it intently; forgetting to think that perhaps this hum is made only for me. Sometimes we see signs where they are none, and sometimes signs show us the path and we dont believe them throughout. There is a cavity, enough to squeeze through a healthy man. As i had not seen any other in this subterranean world, i decide to pursue it.. bending through initially only to rise and move in a sidewards fashion squeezed till the ends between older than time rocks. i feel fresh air with a flavor of some sorts coming through from the other side. My torch might blow off, and then how will i find truth, how will truth see me?
The crevice breaks wide open into a huge hall, a dome of proportions to top it. There is dim light here, some residual light but how? there is no source, the cave is deep underneath the earth. There are open sores on the surface, through which hot gases are pouring forth. There is heat in here, why didnt my tribe ever settle inside these caves? especially in the cold harsh winter months.. something is not right. My gut almost explodes with such intuition.
There is no mistaking the scene in front of my eyes. There lies a huge cauldron at the center of this massive hall. It is bubbling something; there lies a massive hole underneath it through which the heat and gases pour forth.
Now i bring you back to my current situation, as i stand mesmerized; and just freaked out. I look around every corner to see reminiscences of human existence here. But none is to be found. There is something eerie... here in this hall.. There is no other way out from here than the way i came through, and as i look back to see whether the narrow cavity is intact for my escape, i fall down in a daze. The route present till now, is no more. I mean to say that i am trapped. This is not reality. There is no way out of this hall.. and as i now observe more closely, the entire cave has taken an odd shape; the odd shape being a perfect elliptical sphere of some sort, there is no rough edges anywhere on the wall; no stalagmites sticking out as i had noticed when i just entered the dome room. This was beyond me, I dont find the strength to get back to my feet, It just pounds down on me, why was i stupid enough to agree to come inside this abyss? what if i had just forgotten ancient bullshit lore and had stayed content back in my hutment, back safe in my village.
I breathe deep and then i try to find out the source of all this air, there must be some way out... i repeatedly roam this ellipse looking for the path through which i came, but its no more. there are truly no ways in or out from where i had landed up..
All this time i had been too scared to approach the center stage, where this huge cauldron was bubbling all to itself, its fumes mixing with the gases from various other small fissures spreading to the roof. There is an aroma which i mentioned, it was surely from it. The cauldron was definitely old, but it was not unused. That was my fear. There was definitely someone or something who owned this, and who they might be and where they might be, was my biggest concern.
I scream for help, to my other companions, but i know that tonight was such that even the gods might not come to my rescue, it was my vision quest and one makes ones vision or dies in the process.
The curtain lifts, the veil falls. The night at her prime, and madness at its peak. Such distorted sight as i embrace each step towards the ancient cauldron. There is a thick syrup in the making, bubbling to the brim.... There is a swift hand holding my shoulder. the fright is immense, wrecks my nervous system, and my voice sits silent... i turn around and see the three elders of my tribe naked standing in front of me, how can this be? there was no way to come here in this lair. How could this ever be?
There eyes are shining, never blinking. they look at me, scanning me i think to myself. There mouth emits fog, they are cold in this hot labyrinth of sorts. How could this be? I speak yet words dont come out. The time passes not, and their eyes just shines even more wildly. The spirit elder on my right points at the cauldron and the eagle elder removes his hand from my shoulder. He too now like the silent elder towards my left - all point to the cauldron. I look to it, and before i can recoil, my face is pushed deep within it.. all three hands at my skull.
The moments which followed removed all shackles.... broke down all lies.......



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