Monday, January 18, 2010

Boiling Half Truth

The space evens out as we climb higher, the plateau is in range; three days of horseback and everyone is saddle sore. The horses take to drink as we sit planted at the base of the only tree in this entire range. The surface of the earth pours nomadic wind at our faces. No water consumed since the holy journey began. we were together to re-invent ourselves. To absolve our former selves and create a new image. Both gods as well as mans.
In these remote heights. The wind blasts cold fury from each possible direction. It tells a man, how long he may live. how frightful his death might be, and every blast now felt the same on our skins. My two brothers and I ventured further before the sun set completely before us, and the plateau bringing upon the desolate lifeless scenery of an alien planet in front of us.
Many times i have wondered, whether this tribal existence on this tribal planet, whether it was home, as in earth. Or whether what i have seen through and through the blinking of my eyes, could have been another world. Surprise. The plateau breaks down into a ravine right in front of our eyes, the most massive mountain (and the only one) broke down and went underground many a millenia ago, when our ancestors reached this place, they saw the path built by the implosion of this mountain, a perfect ravine made underground, going deeper and deeper into earths solace...
Showing a distaste unfathomed, the horses break free and run off from our control before we enter the holy tomb. The crystal mountain beckons for apprentice, a soul sight for what the world is and what it is made to be..
Somehow no animal ever enters these deep ravines and with the moon of the background now coming to the fore, the path downwards at a gentle pace straight to the earths belly seems way beyond haunted. My nose breathes in icicles, as the cold dark moonlit starlit night finally dawns inside of me.

Some moments of time later its like....
The cave beyond the realms of human intervention now lies close. Its mouth shadowed withs slime, a perfect recluse's perennial home this would have been, had not my people found out what lurks beyond the surface is something of quite a find!
There is no shine, there is no daylight. As we enter, we pour camphor and oil at the caves left side, for the spirits which guard always look for favors. As I informed, this is a soul journey/ in my tribe as most, people at one time before being granted a permanent position in the society what they take as a "vision quest", i am aware that many cultures perform the same, and i have pondered deep and long for what could be the reasons for such an event, the centrality, the focus. The tenacity to draw out fear in every man woman and child!
The others and I now, split and take the 3 paths which we find, oh i must tell you, the cave beyond realms has a feature, which now dawns upon me... as many seekers, there are that many paths... deeper into the earth.. There were three clearly marked paths for the three of us. We speak not, we are not tired, for the cold earth has properties of heat lurking close, the heat keeps one alive.
There are pools deep within this cave, its length and breath  never been measured for its that endless... the crystal mountain imploded when the gods flew their craft on it. Imploded it beneath the ground, where the gods of ever-more stayed, here beneath the earth its said... for it was the heat which the gods needed to survive. This is what my ancients have told me through story time after time, but as a society.. we keep our distance from the place of our true worship till the day we enter it, all alone and all to be re-born and come alive. During my life, i have seen more than enough coming back with a silence binding their lips, a light glowing at each one of my elders corner of the eye. Something unspeakable finally revealing itself in humanity.
I take my fire torch a level higher to see the cave in all its beauty, the place is devoid of huge life forms, but is an excellent refuge for any animal trying to get away from the cold outside, its strange that nothing dares enter it. The earth rumbles here they say... I dont know what to trust. My intuition is afire. its alive, I start seeing the path which will take me to the ends of these catacombs.
Salvaging what I can of my bent will, i set forth, i could hear the rumble of the earth once more, i heard with intent this time around, it looks like the bubbling of a very deep endless cauldron... somewhere in here.


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