Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Attachment. No Delay

Freedom is inversely proportional to the number of things that hold your attention to them, I had got this weird message in some sort of post afternoon dream long time back, Your attention as mine, is diminishing moment to moment, we try to recharge it back by eating sleeping and meditating but its continuously diminishing without them, and we cannot do one thing about it. The fewer things that can hold your attention in this world, the easier it is for you to control your attention and where it wavers. for me it has been a perennial problem, as i continuously try to meditate many times, to try to keep that attention and the power it holds intact, yet its not in my nature unfortunately, attention is a torrid affair, the greater your karma (or intent to be in this world), the further and deeper your attention will spread, it will bury itself like roots into future actions by and on you. This is the cycle that your attention will reap, and it will bring about death at its end (closure) where the body nor the spirit can give any more - to hold the attention of the world together, and hence you see that the world you know will dissolve, you will disintegrate into nothingness, its not that you dont exist but ideally without the energy manifested as attention- you cannot assimilate- the i present is impotent to create.
This is what i believe is attention, it is almost the same definition as will to me, for if you can bring your attention towards anything/anyone completely - its the same as your will directed to create an action. Ofcourse, we see that no one has complete attention to generate towards anything in this world, people who do become proficient in their chosen field of attention. Time bends as the attention/will energy is brought to the fore- this is not metaphysical. Its in reality as well.
Will is not the same as attention (they are the same to me- as i believe in the end results.. ) as in attention is the flow of energy body towards other energy, but will is the ability to control the flow. To not flow at all is also will. This is meditation, for its conservation of attention, the attention becomes attuned. This attuned fine source (perhaps like a beam-laser) of attention energy can be directed; this is will.
When will acts, karma and re-action can be annulled, apart from other favors! But any sane living organism takes birth to actually send its attention forth. its the natural function of any organism. To bring forth attention. Only those who are tricked into holding attention back to fine tune it can sense its real power.
This is why lustful and social behavior apart from so many other distractive (attention requiring activities) are not encouraged especially when you grow older, for when you age; so does your attention- it wanes day and night. There is no replenishment (in the quality of attention i think, biologically its symptoms are dying of brain cells without recreation of new ones as in the case of children- as in if you notice children have greater ability to use their attention as well are more easily capable of divesting their attention- not possible for adults)
But people inherently are here-now focused, no one is willing to buy a proposition that you can use your will to attain what you wish for as long as you abstain from wasting your attention here and there here and now. That is why ancient sorcerers of South america, more often than not tricked their apprentices for a long time in their relationship before telling them what they were actually subjecting their apprentices to .. (telling a white lie, focusing your attention towards something for a seeming reward, but in truth it is to attune your attention and direct it as will)
Its been a difficult ride and not yet over, there is intent but the focus is lacking, i am ofcourse talking about myself and my trials to conquer myself. In the sense, that to control what can be, and control what cannot be as well. To let go , with the results known and to let go without any results in mind, the ultimate aim is freedom, for the will to be able to be free. to dissolve into sheer *.
No attachments, Nothing to Lose, No delay in gain.

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