Saturday, March 29, 2014

Damned Causes

Oh well; another one bites the dust. There seems to be a consensus in the mortuary. That once dead – you do not want to go back to being alive.
This torment; this pain which stings the heart. Oh Well another life passes by and we are all fools to have lived past our prime and into the grimace which inevitably follows.
There are so many damned causes that I cannot see past my pain anymore. There seems to be nothing which will make this go away. One life passes unto dust and another one follows like the deadly plague.
We are one; and blistered broken into a million reflecting pieces of glass poured unto the surface of the void – shifting and shaking like we were never one. Oh well ; there goes another damned causes into the gutter collecting fallen rain.
Refreshing sources of misery; another story goes awry and we know the end result. For the mortuary speaks so softly; It speaks so final and with finesse that we are forced to listen. We are bonded into the mortal cage; and then played around like puppets on a stage. Oh Well another damned cause which has no solution so speak of, and we all lay so silently… speaking so much in grace. There is no solution. No travel or peace which will restrain our brain to drain. And then another one bites the dust. The dual duel has beat us finally.
I pray; and so must you; There seems to be no introspection at bay. Everything has gone haywire and there is nothing which we are keeping within. We are all lacklustre torn and borne to bear this pain. Where will this end, I must answer – it has no end. A cycle unto itself with edges peaking in remorse and the hollow points keeping us in an illusion of safety and comfort. Oh well another damned cause has gone astray.
Sometimes I laugh looking outside – measuring my curiosity with the heightened sense of morbidity that courses through my veins. Waiting silently through this all; endless cycles and pain. For what gain? This game is lame. This is another damned cause waiting to repeat itself like a snake’s hood flaring up at the slightest twitching of our skin. Waiting to strike down fast and cause the venom to spread. Causing another life to end. Another motive to be lost and regained.

No damned causes for me or you my dear friend. There is never an end to this painful pin prick of a lifetime or m(any) like this. 


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