Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Earthly Samadhi

The earth my home – remains the spiritual cornerstone. There is no love here but what is given. There is only Babaji Nagaraja – The mahavatara and his infinite grace guiding and providing gentle grace and love.

The free will of man is a muth and the only way leading anywhere is to the mortal grave. This is what we all know and choose to forget. Is this what we were born for? For false adventure and lack of clarity.
No; this is never the way. The great gods of the sky have descended and shown what is to happen in the myth framework of time and space.
Sai Baba – the great lover and Sufi mystic who remains active from the localized Samadhi. Mataji – the powerful feminine force of life and love permeating all through space. The great siddha Boganatha and the rest who share this common collective Christ consciousness – all present through the presence of Babaji.
He looks upwards towards the eyes of shiva. His firm stance always in nirvikalpa Samadhi always a reminder of Vitthala – who comes down to protect his loving devotees.
He is the sweet lord of love indeed. Subtle force which permeates this fabrication of space time energy. I bow down over and over. I think of you and make my days and nights pass on by.
Till when will your powerful kriya keep us in misery. This misery which you wish for us to revel in and then leave; so that we may accept us. So we may love you forever.
Babaji sits resplendently on the ground filled with scented flowers and kusa plant. He sits and meditates on the heart of the void. The universe which makes the play so joyful in his presence. He repeats the ancient tirumular mantra of 51 Akshara’s. Na Ma Ci Va Ya and everything will forever get better.
This is his promise of life ever after, so what he laughs that we die and are reborn with least memory of what is going on. There is nothing we are not. There is nothing life will not offer – keep our trust in him and die without falter.
I have been feeling a lot calmer nowadays. I look at his face and everything in between falls in grace. There is no need to live and die, falter or fly. There is nothing like his addictive smile. His graceful eyes. And his soothing manifestations to keep us on the path. Towards solitude; embracing ever after life!

Peace and Love.

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