Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Astute Warrior


When all dharma has fallen, and the righteous has left this earth. Still we pray to Raja Ram and celebrate his home coming, to which ends of hypocrisy I wonder?

The blessed, meek and pious all look to the warrior king to come home – to lighten up their despair and enlighten their hearts. In deep devotion and humility, praying steadfast till the ends of the night – looking for his coming. Where is he? Lo, Ram has pointed his mighty bow and arrow at our hearts and is looking to annihilate us at the earliest.

Hence I ask again, Why have we strayed from our duty, why have we looked indifferent at this evil preying us within our hearts, We have not saved our mortal brothers and hence forgotten even our real selves. I feel none of us will ever get to see the real Ram in our lives. And it is all our fault. Its all our cowardice which has resulted in this situation

Indeed, none of us even care for the true Ram. The name which once upon a time perhaps evoked true love and the spirit of servitude. The image of the true warrior – standing tall for what is right, what is love. This is true godhood. This is true love. Where did it all go wrong?

I used to wonder – what this mortal has done to be elevated to the status of a God. What made him a god till the day I started calling out his name inadvertently and without asking anything in return. Soon it all made sense, in my heart. Ram is all there is and was. The perfect Son, husband, brother and king. The man amongst so many so called men. The devotee of Shiva  amongst so many Devotees. The archer par excellence.

The archer par excellence – that’s it. That’s what sticks. The aspect of man which tunes in, drops out and achieves his end. His own salvation. The very name of this Man-God gives me the Goosebumps

Oh Ram, where have you left us now. You were supposed to lead the promised land, you were supposed to be our messiah.  You were the one who was going to redeem us? What happened to us, that you left us in this lurch of facing ourselves by ourselves?

The warrior in me preys to the warrior in you; so you may forgive and guide. In your name I find long lost solace. Something which I have grown accustomed to living without. Perhaps you have forgotten to care for us; but we will not forget to pray to you. And as our sins of ignorance fall to the ground like leaves from a tree in autumn glory. We shall return to you. In love and grace.

He stands still aiming his arrow high, towards the Sun. Praying to his creator and releasing the arrow – so that it reaches its target. Annihilation of many selves in turn for None.

Peace & Happy Diwali 2015



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