Thursday, December 14, 2017

Peachy's Golden Words

14th December 2017

It was 7:30 PM and I walked in to my home through the front door and looked into the drawing room where Mom, Neelam and Peachy were sitting. Peachy looked instantly at me and gave me a big smile as always. She was delighted to see me as I was seeing her,

I set aside my bag and lunch box and was going towards her where she called out "Daddy" for the first time to my musical ears and then she laughed some more.

What a joy to hear her make legible sounds and words. Language is truly beautiful and when two can bond with visible words and intonations. Its a blissful feeling all together.

She said the same word again later at night on the bed, and I was over the roof. She has already started saying words like Ta-Tha, and now has increased her forte over english words as well!

Looking forwards to further such conversations with my beautiful goddess. Her smile and laugh and now words make the world and existence divine.

Love and Peace! 

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