Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dilemma Unkind


I realized this while playing poker, one of a kind realization actually. Without the presence of many players, with gambling I to I, It was indeed the I which is permanent in the impermanent which made the dilemma clear, quite the kind.

One day we sat and threw stones into the river, my friends so dear and my mind so distant; we saw the ripples breaking our faces, distorting with circular lines. We were changing, in a body through the tunnel which is time.

Changing and staying still. It is quite a different thrill. Which the self has not faced before or after. Only the moment here which keeps us realizing the great glory veiled, shrined (within the gloomier illusion of itself)

How can the mind fathom its glory, which has created the illusion of being created. There is nowhere to run, as the mind closes unto itself. It realizes that its walls have been which have kept the truth at bay. It has never played its real part unto the day. Dilemma which we all face, how to unturn from the mind through the mind. Through blind faith or superstition and deeper neurosis which will wreck it ?

The answer lies in the dilemma’s grandest hand. The poker genius last saved move, which he/she may themselves have never fathomed to be. This is how realization plays its own play. Its own game. Extreme faith – like the one who can be you or I. Playing the death card first and then laughing and crying. Yes play out your dilemma of your head in your head. Shoot it fast, dead.

Unto the selves we are, we are not meant to be like this. We were meant to be dead. Before we could take birth so not to see the horrors which the super mind has made for itself in the illusion of being created. The dilemma thickens and plays a part so special – truly unto itself.

The enigma which are chasms locked in deep space, there is no one who can come to it without becoming a damned part of the cursed despair. Empty space, eons away now closing in and there is a deep darkening sense of nausea enveloping me, Claustrophobic and no where to run. Dark energy everywhere now here and till the end laughing and screeching herself through a dilemma now become real. (Read, You and I. Closed circle of time)

I become the lonely stem cell, waiting to be cloned. To be dropped of into another life experience, which is never ending and never dropping and hence which cannot be described. Look be one, there is love which completes the final circle. There is love which makes us men and goddesses. This is the dilemma’s key and bright ending.


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