Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Little Wind Burns a Strong Fire


You know how love is; one day the loneliness and the other intense passion. Brimming to the very extent with every single pore of being bought over by the drug releasing in the head. When will I see him/her next. What can I do to make it perfect and better than the rest. What do I have lacking that I can do anything about. When will my wind bring about the sexy burning fire of two bodies intertwined about?

I look at her, my delicacy from another world beyond and I twinkle my eyes in delight. She is nothing like who I have ever met. Subtly underdressed and playing the part of an actress who says she is normal and I know is anything but that. Her eyes give her away, a little bit of normalcy and hell she doesn't know when she goes astray (and is it not a delight when she does! When will she next!)

My muse from the womb of divinity. Playing games and speaking naughty words without any fidelity. Oh what sin did I commit to get trapped in between the dreams from your eyes. You know you own me mistress and everyday with you a surreal surprise. I am but another soul drifting in the dust. Attracted to your nature now I cannot live lest by your side. Is this love I do not know, but it is a bit of wind to stir up a sexy fire. Come now muse; let us burn our ether in it, burn it down to the wire. So that we can revel in each other and anyone else dare break up burn up in our sexual fire.

She keeps me up all night and drowns my days in her suggestive sly smiles. I am unable to keep myself at bay, nay I like the feeling of what I have got myself into I say.

And she speaks less and makes more sense. She thinks me over and touches the deepest ends. Ties up the night and makes me scream tired. Makes me cry in her love lorn fire. How a little bit of wind can make the fire go higher and higher. There is such intensity without spoken words, just the biting into each others skin and soul and never backing up an inch.

Love could be so much fun, who would know other than us, we give unto each other and never lead astray. What is good for I know is great for me I say.

Peace and Grand Smouldered Love (in the belly of the goddess)

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