Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Consensual Hallucination

The world myriad and ever changing - and the world is the same for everyone of us who sees/speaks/touches/hears. How is this world a united reality?
The world we are working within/without - a blank space / void which is one's individual will projecting into space.
How is this world the same for the majority? How does it translate. Within the dark void of endless space (matter and energy). How come we see the same in spite of differences here and there.
We all share a consensual hallucination of the world; measured in depth and formulated in the crevices of our mind. The light quantam is just right (from the sun) to create a reality an everyday one. You know what I speak of and why; the question itself leads to the answer without surprise. But the heart plays such a role in the evolution of our kind. It is the the cornerstone which makes us sublime. In thought and deed - the evolution of the mind keenly connected to ever changing metamorphosis that is the spirit dimension.
As the hallucination so called begins (oh where does it end), we start everyone pig tailing their bodies at best, and everyone repeats this ancient forgotten mantra "I AM " and going on to satiate this inner will power. Where and when do we stop to see the in depth catharsis that we must undergo; to expunge this powerful egotistical statement - Only I, without knowing its basis in this hallucination we all share.
With time, the breathing body becomes adamant that this I is the best thing which can ever happen, there is nothing else worth the experience - and for sometime this is correct - before time itself makes the change and uplifts the experience into where hence it came.
But through this awesome experience of a holographic reality - with the sensing by a holographic mind, comes the apathy that we are only this, and so many lives we waste and kill and expunge to recreate but never to the satisfaction we could be, only a reality as if it were the only one befitting us, nothing else to see.
The divinity of chemical experience makes you realize - rather bathe in the light; which is the source of our time bound spacial existence. With light came the power to divide and not unite - this division caused the entire-ness to try to listen in, something which it was not doing. This void became a holographic matrix - something like the real to test drive and find out our true divinity. Stages and labels for the false experience of spirit dimension.
And Lo, out of this void comes the magnetic power - which causes everything to bind to it. Causing the mind to go hither thither and the heart to ache for godhood, for the entire experience to be one at the same time within spacial constraints. This is the nature of this consensual hallucination time over.
Come and we will hold hands, shake the earth and bake our brains, we will pray to the sun time over and give up our lives; to be reborn amongst our violent kind. We must learn to see the entire-ness within the framework and release our so called egotistical responsibility in up keeping it, and maybe then it will show the grace we so need to learn (unlearn). Becoming one as we were, the matrix so false disappears and becomes a true big bang.
Peace And Happy Sankaranti. Om Namah Shivaya.

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