Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Emerald Heights

It was a mezzanine floor; smooth and flowing over, I heard a noise - which I thought was my mind howling at the moment's fate. But from the edge of my left eye - walked a rosy beauty of delight - the maid and mistress of this grand home. Where I was sitting for god alone knows how long.

I was waiting; watching patiently for the owner of this unparalleled home. Where there were scenic beauty of the withering heights below. Located somewhere amidst the Himalayas - where I had trekked before. But this was new; not at all familiar somehow - yet so precious to adore.

The fragile maid offered me a potion, which I gladly drank. A green emerald concoction which somehow fit the gullet just right. It quenched my inner thirst. I looked at her, and saw her eyes had started to glow. What trickery I thought - to be fooled drinking a potion whose contents I did not know.
Nudging her with my eyes - I asked a bit scared somehow - What is this that makes me grace peace and feel scared all the while.
She seemed a bit amused at first - You have no idea how many lifetimes you have been chasing us for that thing. And now that you have got it in the palm of your hands and down your system - you seem totally confused. Alas! This is the fate of all those who take mortal recourse - to be in a web of confusion and then no more. There is no peace and this I know, how I wish you remember and you too know.
Suddenly my head started to spin by the sharp sting of words spewed on me, She was right - there was an inkling of know how - why I was here - why I had taken the drink and gulped it straight down without questioning it first. It was all a haze - all lifetimes compounding into this single moment.
A bit too much to handle.

I fell down it seems, onto that beautiful mezzanine floor. I entered a white snow laden tunnel with no light in the end, it spiraled after sometime and the gave me nausea in my head. There was no end in sight I thought and this was limbo felt.
Suddenly all was light and then dark and it alternated for a long while - no other color and no other form entered my peripheral vision. This was amiss - the beautiful castle amidst the snow peaks of himalayas - where I had trekked over and over to find Babaji's home. And this was it, the facade of a material home shown - was so that I feel at home!

I took to the other end of the tunnel, sat on the back of my master who showed me dazzling heights and depths untold. Who opened my heart to possibilities and behold - there I was another consciousness transformed, transfixed and led to the end of the world.

I met my lover when I was sitting meditating on nagaraja babaji - the age old master - the one desire - to behold god in the form of a lover - and he knew instantly. He sent the beautiful blue goddess; Tara - who said what I couldn't ever say. Who held my hands and made tears glisten down astray. Who was my mother, lover, friend all in one. Who was the full moon cajoling me in her arms, for eternities to come!

Emerald heights from which I never came back to the world. Not because I found shelter or love - but instead what I could never see or know in this material world - with a simple heart - which healed with time - with my lover hand in hand - heart to heart and all was fine.

The potion was wearing off -and reality struck me like stone. There was no lover nor guru, no moon which shone. There was nothing and nothing itself hid away in its veil. Everything was the breadth of this cosmos showing form and consciousness took its form in myself.
This was the real deal. The indepth nature of life and the heights we all reach than to plunge into darkness forever. What beauty; what depth - Emerald heights of the heart which dvelve deep into the abyss and void.

Peace and Love

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