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An Account of Real India

Not much that I write about how India is (atleast the part about the apathy and frustration) Maybe its about time -->

The incident is fresh in my memory and I think that it will remain so for the longest time - if not my entire lifetime. Sometime back I took a chance when I heard that a commercial party was happening in hyderabad (Sunburn - seems like shit and rubble burning to me). Generally I do not go close to any such things; for I have come to know that worthwhile parties (especially the ones which are good i.e. amazing music) are far and almost invsibile in a country like india - where most people do not appreciate the revelery and good taste in mind altering music. 

In India most folks think of parties as groping and fucking orgies (I have no clue how this has gotten into the minds of this illetrate race and time).

So it was myself and three other friends (inclusive of a lady) and we headed to a very very remote resort where this commercial event was happening. I admit that we started up quite late by indian standards (at 10 PM) and the place was quite a distance away but I had been there before for a decent party scene and had ended up staying almost the whole night - so I was confident the place being good enough to stay up late even with a lady in the group. This immaturity like many times before (it was almost a blindsight - and such blindsights are the ones which have been eye opening to me in the past and yet still) has costed me quite a bit that night.

So we reached in a half hour or so to the resort (and mind you the party was in one end of this huge ass resort). We found our way eventually and told the cab driver to park the car and that we would be back in a while. I did not know that it would be very very quick indeed.

The way in to the party sight (which was to be indoors) was not very pleasing - we collectively saw many drunk fuckers who could not even walk or stand, this is where my doorbell rang - that this was not a very safe athmosphere for anyone especially women, yet I was seeing some women in the periphery and thought that it was a commercial event and that women would be somewhere around.

We enter and see some women yet a large set of stag guys - and they were everywhere in groups. Drunk as hell (some could not even walk properly). The music was marginally alright and I thought well what the hell; just put on your dancing shoes and be happy. That was a mistake, my friends who had not been to many electronic dance events; I guess liked the music. I took a break and accompanied my women friend to the loo - and as she entered the women's restroom, I saw that some drunk guys were trying to enter the loo as well. This was utmost disturbing to me; they were not after my friend but perhaps someone else. I did not know what to do... Saw some bouncers around and tried to explain to them what the scene was (They knew - but they did not acknowledge my presence one bit, something which bouncers across the earth would have in common - an innate ability to ignore the good and bad and just show their ugly ass muscles in a puny attempt to show control)

So I see my friend come out and I accompany her back to the dance floor where all four of us spend some time dancing (rather huddling together) for everywhere asides were drunk folks - something which is always of concern to me at all times - especially in India and especially with a woman friend around!

One of my friends along with myself are eyeing the bar for quite sometime in a while - not that we were very eager to drink (we had the previous night quite a bit and all night as well) but just to check what was in stock. So we excuse ourselves to get a closer look - we leave my woman friend and my very close friend to themselves to dance.

We return in aproximately 3-5 minutes - where I see my guy friend pleading to a bouncer and some strangers saying "Sorry sorry, its a mistake" I took look around and try to size up the situation and then speak the same words to the people around. They buy it and probably we try to make a quick exit - while I am asking what is happening. My friend does not like us apologizing and pulls up the bouncer and the person that "Why should we be sorry? - its your fault"

And then we make a real quick move - I grab my friend's hand and take her out. We all congregate in one end of the periphery of the property (its a very big and desolate place in one end of this vast resort) and try to figure out what has happened.

Before we know there is helter skelter and all hell breaks out - we figure that many people are coming towards us (probably close to 20 assholes) and coming fast. They are shouting in the local language and english, both my male friends go towards and try to form a barricade while I with my girl move back and try to figure out what is happening; what had actually happened is that my friend was in the party - and someone came more than close to comfort - and she lost it - and punched the asshole three times in the face! I was really proud of her for doing that - but not in this scenario.


These folks come towards my friends and start arguing while one guy breaks through and tries to hit my friend who was with me - and that is where I kind of lose it (get scared first time in the longest time) - these folks were piss drunk and they did not care whether they accousted a woman or not - in this scenario - it can very easily escalate to something totally different - and with no law and order or event bouncers around - is where it can get really nasty (especially in the real India).

I take my friends hand and we make a run for it, she is barefoot with her heels in her hand and we run around 200 meters in dirt and dust to get to another parking lots of sort - where there are some folks in a corner huddled and partying with music pumping from the car. My friend runs towards them - and I try to stop her; for I know not whether these folks are the same kind as the fuckers we met before. But there are a couple of women with them - and she takes their help and sits in the car. I go over very much estranged and dazed of sorts - and explain to these folks what is going on.

It seems they understand and console us that they know the bouncers of the party and that nothing will happen - I call my friends and very fortunately they have left the place without getting harmed and walking towards the main gate of this weird ass place. I am still not at ease and my friend has broken down thinking that the assholes might be anywhere and worse yet they might be outside the resort in cars blocking the road (it is very far off from the city and nothing is closeby even remotely for miles on end. The entire place is extremely dark without the presence of even street lights or habitation). This is my concern too; the folks whose car we are sitting in warm up to us and they help us to be dropped to the main gate - there are two cars and they are extremely helpful (and we are so very grateful for this). The guy who is driving us is called "shiva" and I mentally bow down to savior lord of lords - narayana and namacivaya for their grace (even if my friend has no idea how lucky she really is - for in India - getting felt up in a party is not a big deal - and punching guys for it is an extremely big deal - of course what I mean is when a girl punches a guy).

We meet our friends outside and they are waiting with the cab - we take it and tell the driver to get us the fuck out of there without stopping for anyone or anything even remotely human, he understands quick and we are out of the godforsaken place in a jiffy - all the while my friend is hiding her face and ducking down - with the very real fear that someone might be following us or might be ahead of us checking for the folks who wacked their friends in a party.

We reach back home in a quarter of the time it took for us to reach; the time is midnight - and we are all strung out - and its just time to reminsce of what happened and what could have happened and how it all could have been avoided - on that we are unanimous in our opinion - do not go to any such events in India - for this country is still as regressive as it gets; the men are overtly testostorone ridden without any real manhood to show for it. The women are very afraid in such a scenario - where stepping out of the home can be deadly - it can lead to a mugging, molestation, eve teasing, rape and even brutal death.

We are not at all progressed - for as it is said - you can see the civilization by the state of women in it. Women bring life and of course are capable of taking it too if its required - but they bring society and social life into the picture - which of course a bunch of drunk ass men will not appreciate - for they do not have women amongst them (maybe the reason they lead it to rape or such unforseen events)

I also believed that the event could have been avoided if my friend was a little more realistic in the approach of where she was living (India the fuck hole). But she just did what she thought was right to protect her respect - which I inturn really respect - but still do not agree with - for the situation could have gotten a lot worse - with no one really bothering to turn around

Yes and that is the final fucking pain - that Indians are so apathetic that it will not matter to anyone if someone is getting mugged raped or killed - as long as it puts on a show - its fun for indians - and I kid you not on this, Indians love a fucking show - and the more brutal painful it is; the more they imagine its a show - entertainment of sorts. This is the worst and most frustrating fact - an account of everyday life in the real India.

Peace and Love


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