Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go with your Gut!

Haven't you heard people tell you... go with your gut feeling... doesn't your gut tell you at times, when all might not seem well... then you have a sixth sense, a gut feeling towards it. Why the gut? It could be your genitals for all that the statement maker could have chosen as a organ in the body to describe the sixth sense feeling
The story might be conclusive if we were to see what the gut holds. The gut is the alimentary tract through which most organisms' food goes to the intestine. The interesting thing is that the chemical "serotonin" produced within the body; is mostly (almost 85%) kept in the gut. The chemical serotonin helps in regulating intestinal movements, but it does way more than that... serotonin helps keep the brain in a feeling of well being (its also present in the brain/central nervous system apart from the gut). Its deficiency can cause mental diseases like depression . The simple connection which i thought when i read this was, that the chemical could somehow tell when something negative or non-beneficial could happen to the organism. Sounds wicked, but somehow it makes sense. The gut feeling, is the sensations which we might be getting from the levels of serotonin (which might decrease) influenced by some other sixth sense in us in times of danger, sadness or negativity. Or perhaps the chemical serotonin itself was somehow a signal which could see negative vibrations (etheric), and could change its levels within the body depending upon the etheric energy. Perhaps more explanations are possible, but there seems to be a strong connection between the sixth sense (gut feeling) that we have sometimes, and the levels of serotonin present within us.
Serotonin within the brain is known to cause mood swings, emotions sleep cycle (in the synthesized form of melatonin) and even appetite. Its derivative is the much loved melatonin. something so close to my third eye :)
More about melatonin in upcoming posts....

peace and go with your gut.. feelings!

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