Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lightened Festival

Lightened Festival

There is something sinister to the light festival (Festival of Lights – Deepawali) being celebrated on a yearly basis in the Indian subcontinent. I cannot put my finger on it, but there is something diabolic to it.
The lights have played such a role in our civilization and now I am beginning to question why. A civilization which should give its precedence to water or even earth celebrates light with such gusto. Then it suddenly hit me – The light projects, ah indeed the projections which our gods have played with over time to control an entire species. The festival celebrating light!
What I understand is, in many ancient mythologies – gods came down in the form of light; the word enlightened too had its precedence in the same – To become a god – you would become en-lightened before. To become light is what the Alien gods from the sky taught us. That they were not real and hence could not die. They were projections – hallucinatory divinations by 3D projections from their safe havens (Saucers, Nearby planets – what not) from where they broadcast their 3D bodies to humans and commanded their respect, obedience, fear and existence itself.
The festival of light commemorates this simple truth, when the gods came down and showed humanity what and who they were. These light beings traveled through the universe with light as light and maybe manipulated worm holes to pass through and reach uncharted destinations. The same aliens also projected themselves time over in the form of light beings (projections and illusions) to connect with the priests and other high ranked humans who facilitated their movement and settlement on this planet.
I am assuming that there are beings which can also navigate in the pure black which is most of the universe. But the ones which have visited us in the past have been projections of light.
The Deepawali syndrome celebrates ethereal light. But once one has a good unbiased look at this – one can see our ancestors were smart enough to keep something’s as basic as day and night. Pun intended.
The grand gods of lore were but mere projections in our space-time. On our planet, wielding weapons and making Projector Rivers and seas part with their magic, Show us a bit of their silver and we dig for pure gold with them. This magic which then enslaved us to become eternally indebted to a future civilization or many civilizations. Simple causes and effects which have led to today – where we sit and pray with a diya. Which is the supposed source of wisdom, and removing darkness. Maybe we must ask – why darkness is really shunned, is it cause we cannot differentiate life in utter darkness, or is it that the light gives us false hope of gods who have once stepped on to this earth. Maybe still walking proud as mere astral projections looking for people to do their work on this planet like many others?

Peace and Joy

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