Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tales of Precious Space

Consciousness seems to have a funny property; it forever tries to occupy space... (Internal / external all around space)
Space is different from consciousness in this regard – it is omnipresent and contains power, in the form of dark energy. It has no requirement as it is beyond dimensions. It is primordial; with feminine energy percolating through existence itself, it requires nothing.
Consciousness in the form we can perceive (that is a startling statement in itself as consciousness perceiving itself is a unique phenomenon) – wants to conquer space / akasha / ether. It likes to control it, and then absorb it as a form of its own self. (Consciousness is invisible – non-existent and requires space to create itself, in primordial sense this is indeed natural – energy creating a fine thread of intelligence – which likes to think/act/feel/understand itself – this itself can be intelligent or ignorant)
The reason I can understand this stems from trying to make out what Human male behavior can be like across history and why we have never been able to advance our unique intelligence. Rather why we keep spending all our time still doing the same things which we have been doing for a millennium and more – scavenge for food, shelter, sex, life and then escape from death? While fighting, lying, killing, dying in the process. Is this what consciousness likes to do? I must ask.
The answer to all of this may lie in the simple quest which consciousness has taken birth to absorb. Perhaps its physical and metaphysical space and what lies therein.
Space is the acquisition of power – which lies in land and water, air and fire. It lies in the depths of a woman and the heights of egoistic arrogance. For this obsession many lay down their lives without a single thought – and many kill with vengeance. It is truly an addictive substance; as if it were mana for the soul.
Consciousness which ever expanding like light – travels to the heart of darkness where lies endless space – always present (neither expanding or contracting) and consciousness tries its level best to absorb and enlighten – to be a part of this power and define it / label it as its own. This is the grand delusion of consciousness itself – the reason why it never escapes this endless cycle of a process so well understood even by itself.
Unending suffering lies at every corner – for we seek space without end. There is no contentedness or feeling of satisfaction.
Man conquers all, but himself – as the core of his being is light. This light has no space where it can survive – there is an intrinsic need – like a baby (conscious power) born out of the womb – going to its mother forever to suckle at the breasts of endless space. Which withholds power.
This is where the great disparity comes in – for consciousness feels temporary satisfaction the greater / grander consumption of sheer dark space it has. This is not the truth or the way at all.
There is humility at the feet of power – as wisdom dictates, where we leave all groaning and crying for power and space and succumb to the void in the heart – the escape door to the other world. Which is also a part of another cycle. A cycle which has also been repeating unto itself forever and more. The cycle of giving up of the light and expansion – and being itself. Until the consciousness dissolves into the black hole of all power. To be refined and sent forth unto itself (precious space) once again.
The only question forever lurking in my mind is why this must happen – for is this the only dichotomy, funny experience of god’s mind which can be created and destroyed? Made real and illusory as per god’s advice!

Peace and Joy

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