Friday, August 17, 2012

Flat World Finally

So you have created a concept of a flat organization after eons of slavery and perennial exploitation. Now why don't we try to implement the same in our consciousness and of course the present world.

Flat World was something of a model of the old world, and then some fool said that the world is round. Actually the world is like an endless ladder - you try to climb up and where you give up you fall off to the abyss - your home (where you began from). There is no end to climbing this ladder - from the perspective of one's work, one's personal misery or desires. Anything for that matter. The ladder of course goes both ways; but narrow sighted horses that we are - we just are obsessed with trying to climb it (whatever climbing would mean - getting more/higher).

Now its a fact that for one to live, one must sustain; sustainaince through food and shelter (against what now? Well other human beings of course - we have destroyed other external harmful influences like predators and caused nature to become worse through our presence lol).
So for sustainance, one has to work - and as we as a world sees it beneficial to adopt some sort of primitive profit model as the basis for ones useful work - it is the perfect place to start for implementing a flat consciousness.

Everyone works - and everone's work is important but we choose to see only some aspects as profitable lets say a rag picker's job is worthless compared to that of a lawyer or a con-sultant. This causes shifts in power, economic and social capabilities to say the least, with people trying to get 'education', 'degrees', what not to shift themselves to something which might be least interesting in the first place (come on a lawyer is just a sophist of new day age - and sophists were worthless in the past, their only job being to fuck another over to prove a point, but the same concept now fetches you lots of 'respect' 'money' and of course power! over another)
What if a rag picker did not do his work for a day or a month, you would seem to be living in your own shit and not have the ability to pick it up (oh you say that you do, but you really don't)

There has to be a re-look at the way we look at the importance of every job/function which is present in society, a paradigm shift includes this in a major way. You look at every job with equal importance and power associated to control others in the sphere of existence. In this way, every job is equal and important. In this way, there is no fucked up competition for becoming a doctor or a lawyer or a mba (whatever they do is absolutely useless except for working on something called excel). Everyone will get to do what they choose to do.
So you say who the fuck would anyway want to become a rag picker, here comes another aspect of this paradigm shift - when every job is given equal importance, the stigma attached to something drops and the actual importance gets highlighted. Yes in this day and age, picking up garbage seems to be way less in demand than sending a probe to another planet. Everything becomes truly utalitarian at first; and then it gives a better perspective to what is important for society.

Arts and Sports and becoming an Actor become attractive but not central to society and its visions of protecting itself and other species present.
This shift is slowly taking place in many of the 'civilized' societies but not cause of a shift in consciousness, people in richer countries are realizing that to get their menial work done (the work they dont want to do - or cant do rather), they will have to pay a lot more than paying for a supposed specialized sophisticated job.
I believe every job is equally difficult/ardous, and sophisticated. Some make use of the left brain, the other right and many other physically and heartfully disturbing. You can put the job of a rag picker or a shit cleaner amongst the heartfully disturbing. It doesnt require much brains, but does require a hell of a lot of will. Something which profit oriented people do acknowledge but really never do indulge.

You say as an argument, that people are rewarded for their hard work, and I agree partially but its not equally recogonized, not even an attempt made. There is a lot of negative energy for most of the people's work and some asshole who develops an ipad/ipod is thought of as a genius.
We are all a bunch of genius who are actively engaged in negating others' genius and trying at the same time not to be original, not to see what is required/need of the hour and not paying enough introspective attention/energy empathisizing with life all around us. That is what is most disturbing.

So we can have a global fucking corporation, where everyone is a knowledge/wisdom/physical/heartful worker. We can all acknowledge that we all are required and not some more than others. That attitude which stems from wise conscious understanding is what can create a flat world. We can see that the guy who serves us in a hotel or cleans our laundery is equally inspiring as some douche like warren buffet (we know him cause he is a rich miser lol).

But for this human beings would have to use way more brain capacity than they are currently actively using; apart from using something abstract called their heart. That is if they have one. A big IF.


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