Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Power to Ponder p2p

All human evolution are progresses made in the realm of nature; on the basis of theories. The theory is proven correct and then it is generalized for the entire society. The theory term applies to all advances and changes present within technology, culture, religion and so forth.

The theory is one of many theories which are present in the universe and which can be proven right, atleast to my understanding of nature. When humanity chooses but one theory over courses of time as the right one, it causes in turn a spread of a common belief/understanding of a natural phenomena. Nature here of course applies to mean everything present known and unknown.
The dilemma which i have time and over is this, if the one chosen theory is but only the right one (in any field), then it ought to be learnt by humans by themselves as they grow up, from an infant to a teenager. The basic properties which constitute can be learnt by any organism, if this is so why not we let it.. If we all have a common understanding of something called gravity, then a new born will also have the same common belief, irrespective of whether we choose to invade his brain and tell him so or not. But if this is not the case, then wonder the huge loss creative thinking and search for reality is suffering, and why? For when we learn and take something for real and true and a practical theory as such, then it helps us to lose and not wane any attention tracking the phenomena at hand. we have made a mental image of it and its far easier to recollect it with all the properties without actually looking at the phenomena at hand. This invades attention, it makes you more susciptable to; to the best of my knowledge... it expends in simple, more energy.

But the loss on the other hand, when someone is bereft of the power to ponder over every thing present, is that we might never get to the bottom of what this reality holds for us. Why we are present in that moment, the situation and the characters. It just becomes monotony...
Reality to the best of my knowledge adorns many many faces. It is dichotomous and not as well. When one takes everything for granted in one's life, is but the start of something down hill. Perhaps the beginning of death, as we humans call it in a mass belief of sorts..


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